3 Steps to Address Learning Issues of Children


Distractions and inquisitiveness are inevitable parts of childhood. No wonder that most parents find it extremely tough to get their children focus on learning. Most often, you may not realize that your child lacks processing skills or suffers from dyslexia, which is nothing but a problem with reading letters or words. This does not mean that your child lacks general intelligence. However, once you learn the ways to address such learning issues, you can help your child emerge as a winner. Following are the three essential steps to address common learning issues plaguing your child:

  • Appoint a Special Teacher: The first step is to accept your child’s problem and understand that having a special teacher appointed for addressing the specific problems of your child can help in bringing out his/her potential. These teachers are qualified and trained to identify the unique processing skills that the children lack, after which they help them to develop the same. Most often, the teachers apply unique programs or methods such as sound therapy or cognitive training programs, in order to improve the auditory processing skills of children. There are other programs like listening programs, alert programs etc., which are used to address various other learning issues of children.
  • Address the Reading Problem: One of the most common issues with intelligent and hyperactive children is ADHD, as they are very impulsive. Such kids also tend to have reading and language problems. These kids require special attention and care from teachers as well as parents. If your child belongs to this category, make sure you hire a professional trainer for your child, who can deal with patience and care, and is qualified and trained to apply the right methods of teaching. This is because children with such conditions require specific teaching methods such as multi-sensory reading, language coding etc to show signs of improvement.
  • Understand and Support: Having appointed a special teacher for your child, you should be able to participate in developing the necessary skill sets of your child. Any program that is applied for the growth and development of your child could be taught to you too, which would let you support the kid at home. You should remember that when the decoding skills are strengthened, the reading and comprehension abilities of the child can be improved with ease.

Establishing the right methods to help children develop their learning skills at the right age would build a strong foundation for their future success. Therefore, if you notice any learning issues in your child, make sure to seek the help of trained and experienced teachers and instructors adept in handling such issues.

Michelle Crossley


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