9 Great Ways to Save Money on Your Prescription Drugs


Whether you're recently unemployed and without prescription coverage or you just want to put extra cash into your pocket, I'm sure you're game for saving money on your prescription drugs.

Want to figure out how to save that moolah? Well, you're in the right spot!

Here are 9 great ways to put that dough right back into your wallet :

1. Price match -if you like your pharmacy, that is awesome! But then you find your medicines are much cheaper elsewhere … ask them if they price match. Many pharmacies do!

2. Coupons — ask your healthcare provider and pharmacist -quite often we have them because we get them in the mail and / or from drug reps.

3. Be aware when you leave the hospital — talk with your primary care provider (regular doctor) when you leave the hospital to change to less pricey meds. Usually drug companies give hospitals good deals on drugs so they will start you on their more expensive drug (and continue once you leave).

4. Free diabetes kits -contact the diabetes kit manufacturer (on phone or via internet) most companies will give the kits away for free.

5. Know thy insurance- take some time and learn about your insurance plan. When you are prescribed a new drug, contact your insurance company (via phone or internet) and see if it is covered and what the copay will be.

6. Pet prescriptions — when your furbaby needs medicine ask the vet if it is a "human" drug. If it is, you can get it at regular pharmacy- and it is usually much less money!

7. Do not watch TV -okay, you do not have to go that far … but if you see an ad for a drug, it means that it is going to be a new, expensive medicine … so, do not listen to all their hype.

8. Tax deductionhttp://www.irs.gov/ You may be able to get a tax deduction on your prescription drugs — use this website to find out what the guidelines are for this idea!


9. Cialis — Get a 30-day trial of low-dose Cialis (2.5mg or 5mg Cialis) or 3 free tablets of 36-hour Cialis (10mg or 20mg tablets) by going to the main web site for this medicine.

So, with all of that being said, I'm sure you're dying for some more fantastic ways to save money on your meds.

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Cate Sibley, Pharm.D.