A Move More Powerful Than Kissing Yet is Impossible to Reject


According to most romantic movies, the start of every heart-fluttering relationship begins with a kiss. There’s a move that has it beat in effectiveness and also won’t leave you exposed and vulnerable to being rejected. But let’s back up for a second — most common knowledge these days around attracting women makes it seem like if you get a woman comfortable with your touch, then a physical relationship can start.

This is solid reasoning, and it follows logic, but what this little tidbit leaves out is the fact that love and emotions are not a logical construct. I offer you a very different line of reasoning for why a kiss can be the start of a relationship between a man and a woman. There are two aspects to a kiss that make it very viable for jump-starting a relationship, and it is only because of these two aspects that a traditional kiss is effective.

1. Kissing is an overt physical move, it shows your physical attraction to a woman. Trying to kiss her makes it implausible for a woman to have any question as to why you like her. You can flirt with a girl all night, but that can be harmless and fun. Kissing is an overt move. She can no longer deny she didn’t know what was going on.

2. Kissing is a physical move that allows her to reciprocate if she shares your attraction to her. Now you are no longer trying to seduce or get her. You are no longer on separate teams, you end up on the same team.

The process of two people coming together onto the same team with mutual attraction is called an It’s On Moment. When you think about it, this is exactly the reason why most «traditional» methods of trying to attract a woman don’t work. Asking a woman for her phone number is not an It’s On Moment because getting her number is not physical. On the other hand, merely touching a woman and getting her comfortable with your touch does not create an It’s On Moment because she is not touching you back—it’s not mutual.

I’m sure every time you go to the club you see tons of guys grind women on the dance floor, only to watch these same women walk away moments later without even saying goodbye. Why did she leave? Because despite their touching or however aggressive these guys thought they were, it didn’t create a mutual physical moment with her. There was no connection, and more importantly there was no overt physical move to display his attraction to her. Thus, she will most likely not even remember she danced with him by the end of the night. So here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, what move is MORE powerful than kissing and so covert that she would never be able to reject you for it?

Mutual Hand Caressing

Mutual hand caressing is so powerful because it creates a «we are a new couple» type feeling inside of her. Endorphins? Check. Dopamines? Check. You guys are now officially on the same team. You are working together. This is what a new couple naturally does with each other; play with each others hands etc. This magical moment also makes it more likely that she will continue to comply with future physical escalations and requests; the comfort built during mutual caressing skyrockets her feelings of safety while being physical with you. So how do you use this to create an It’s On Moment?

It’s very easy…

1. Take her hand

2. Hold it for a few seconds

3. Start lightly caressing her hand until she caresses your hand back

The key is you want to quickly transition from holding hands into hand caressing. The reason you don’t hold her hand for too long is because women associate «holding on» with men being needy. Instead leave your hand slightly open and give her the opportunity to pull away or caress your hand. Keep in mind holding hands won’t create the same powerful feeling that mutual hand caressing will.

This is THE easiest AND most consistent way to get to the It’s On Moment. That’s because the easiest part of your body for her to feel comfortable touching are your hands. Think about it. A woman isn’t going to just start randomly caressing your legs. Most guys spend all of their time worrying about touching HER. Instead make it easier for HER TO TOUCH YOU.

By holding her hand first, we are just speeding up the process of getting to a moment of mutual caressing. Don’t be the average guy that leaves this moment to chance. Remember it’s up to YOU to make this moment happen.

What if she doesn’t take my hand or pulls her hand away?

Unlike going for a kiss and getting rejected, if she doesn’t take your hand, you can simply ignore it and try again later. You see, her rejection of your advances in terms of hand holding can never actually come into reality unless you acknowledge that you made an effort to escalate on her and failed. Compared with an all-or-nothing move like kissing her—there’s simply NO comparison to mutual hand caressing, because these are the ONLY possible outcomes!

1. She pulls her hand away, you know that you’ve got a little work to do before trying again—but make no mistake, this will always work as a proper gauge of her interest level in you.

2. If she doesn’t pull her hand away, but isn’t caressing you back yet—you’re in a good place! She’s teetering closer and closer to the edge of it being FULLY ON between you two.

3. There is mutual caressing going on. Congratulations, it’s OFFICIALLY ON!

Here’s some more food for thought on the advantages of hand caressing vs. going for the kiss:

* You get infinitely more chances for some easy hand caressing than going for a kiss

* You don’t have to create a perfect moment in which to try it

* Mutual hand caressing is easier to do with other people around

* You don’t have to get her alone first

* If you get resistance, it requires absolutely no damage control—it is a true test of where you two stand

* It doesn’t reduce tension and keeps you in an aura of challenge

A Woman’s Hands NEVER Lie.

Women with low interest will go as far as letting you TRY to kiss them. Of course she will turn away and give you the ceremonial cheek. She may even pretend to be shy so she doesn’t hurt your feelings. But one thing women with low interest will NEVER do is mutual hand caressing. You will notice she absolutely will not caress your hands back when you caress hers. She has no problem laughing, smiling and holding eye contact with you. That is because all of these things are easy to fake. Mutual hand caressing is the only thing that is not. It will repulse her.

Hand caressing is something only people who really like each other do (ie. new couples). And if she doesn’t like you, the lack of hand caressing back will be a blatant dead giveaway that you are with a woman who is not very attracted to you. That’s why you always go for her hands first. Because I have a secret for you. Given enough time and repetition of the above tactic—As long as she is still around… The It’s On Moment IS INEVITABLE!

Once you have created an It’s On Moment by following the above, the ENTIRE FIELD is now open to you and all the doors for bringing the interaction to the NEXT level have been unlocked.

Christopher Andersen