Are You Being Influenced by Negative Entities?


When a situation arises, what voice are you listening to? How are you responding? Are you connecting to the guidance of your Higher Self and acting from a good place? Are you just listening to your Ego- or worse, the influence of low-vibration entities, and reacting in a way that closes the door to your healing and creates problems for you?

As crazy as it sounds (believe me, I know it does!), There are energetic parasitic animals that live on a plane of existence that connects with ours. They can affect us energetically, but otherwise we are clairvoyantly gifted, we can not see them. They are sentient creatures and have a malicious will that they use to wreak havoc in your life and cause you harm. They will influence you away from things that can help you; they will do everything they can to keep you miserable and unhappy so that they can feed off the energy this generates.

That little voice at the back of your head that you mistake as your own, that constantly nags you and tells you how worthless, fat, and unlovable you are, is not a normal part of being human, and there is a purpose behind it. The constant stream of 'negative' chatter sucks out your happiness and enthusiasm and lets energetic parasites feed on the energy they resonate with. The constant, repetitive, unrelenting circular thinking that you just can not seem to make stop is often the manipulation of low-vibration entities. The self-sabotage that always seems to happen whenever you find something that seems to be working for you, is most likely a result of this influence. Even unhealthy thinking that leads to things like suicidal behavior, anorexia, drug and alcohol addiction, and other self-destructive behavior, can be linked to negative entity influence. (Although I would still strongly recommend that people suffering from these issues be seen by mental health experts as well!)

How do I know that these things are linked to low-vibration entities and are not just part of a disorder requiring medicines to treat it? Because when we remove these beasts in a clearing, the problematic thinking almost always goes away! My clients consistently tell me that they stop hearing those nasty, nagging voices, they stop obsessing over everything, their strange compulsions go away, and things often feel radically different. Does that mean everyone's problems are caused by these beings and will always magically evaporate once they are removed? No, of course not. For many people, having these entities removed will be exactly what they needed. For others, doctors and mental health experts will have needed if their issues are caused by a physical or mental disorder.

It is hard for many people to believe in something that the medical industry and science looks to discount. Of course historically this thinking lead to terrible repercussions for people believed to be suffering from the influence of negative entities, but the point is, historically, cultures around the world have always believed in them. They have seen them and worked to get them out of a person. In the last 100 years or so we have decided we are too advanced to believe what people from the dawn of civilization have been aware of. But I think this disbelief only gives power to things that want to remain undetected so there will be no real help for people suffering from their influence- especially when it is so easy for a clairvoyant, energetic practitioner to detect them and remove them people, often providing instant and dramatic maintenance. The process is easy and painless. Right over the phone a true clairvoyant can scan your energy field and chakras and detect them. They can walk you through breaking the subconscious contract that allowed them to attach to you, and they can erase them. Sensitive people will often feel this erasure as a dramatic increase of energy, a tingling, exciting feeling, or a heavy, dark presence being lifted away. They almost always feel an immediate sense of relief. For others, they will usually notice that problematic thinking or behavior seems to go away, people respond to them better and their situations tend to improve.

Now I am certainly not expecting everyone to read this and believe what I'm saying outright, but let me ask you, "What have you got to lose by keeping an open mind?" If you are suffering from similar issues, do some research, see what people have to say. Read testimonials and hear how people's lives have improved after having these things removed. Find someone with a money back guarantee that you are willing to work with and see what happens for yourself. Test your beliefs and assumptions and see if they are right. You really have nothing to lose but the things that are keeping you stuck and in fear!

Erin Heaven