Benefits of a Family Practice Group Over a Pediatrician


If you are confused about whether a family practice group can address your children’s needs as deftly as a pediatric specialist, then you are in good company and your concerns are valid. However, keep in mind that a family practice group will have a full record of your kin’s medical history on hand at all times. Also, your children will develop a long-term relationship with a physician that can continue into adulthood. And, if the whole household becomes ill, you will also have the convenience of being seen simultaneously, adding time to your schedule. Here are some of these benefits explained a bit more thoroughly:

Family Medical History

Knowing your family medical history can be significant for a young child if their family has a history of a genetic disease. Your family practice group can monitor your child for ailments that usually go undetected right away, such as diabetes, certain cancers, or autoimmune diseases, if they are known to be present. Also, your children’s physicians will have access to prenatal and childbirth records for each pregnancy, which is important for determining illnesses that may have originated prior to birth.

Continuity of Treatment

One of the best advantages of having your children treated by a family practice group is the fact that they have the option of having the same physician as an adult. This is also advantageous to any future children that they may have if they also choose the same medical practice for their families.

It also gives your adult child the comfort of seeing a doctor that they have established a trusted relationship with for decades. It has been noted in polls that most adults do not ask their physicians important health-related questions because they are embarrassed, but the familiarity of visiting your childhood physician alleviates some of that stress.


We all know how viruses and bacteria can spread throughout a crowded house. If one of your little darlings has been plagued with the same bug at the same time as you, you can both be seen simultaneously, by the same doctor, without having to make multiple trips on separate days. You can also schedule group sports physicals, well visits, and immunizations for all your children at the same time.

As parents, we constantly need reassurance that we are making the best decisions for our children’s well-being. By choosing a family practice group you know well, you can rest easily knowing that your children will be in good hands.

Abigail Aaronson