Cash Surveys Online — Fraud VS Truth


Everywhere you look online nowdays, there seems to be people talking about how completing cash surveys online is the simplest, fastest and surest way to get passive income. Is there any truth in it?

Basically, there are a lot of scams on cash surveys or paid surveys circulating around the internet these days. Here, it is really easy to get hook into one if you are careless.

As I was cheated into many (6 to be exact) fraud websites. So I thought I could write one article to share my experience with any of you who are in the same position as I was. At the end of the day, I want to do something that benefits others so that they do not get victimized by companies like I was.

Before I tell you about my experience or story (which many of you might call it). Let me share with you how I differentiate scams from the real deals. Ignore this at your own peril. I will cut the long winded talk about my researches and past failures. Here's the meat. If you receive spams from an anonymous source or any unidentifiable sources, they are most likely scams.

Also, use you need to make use of your favorite search engine to look up on the information of the companies. Whether they're controlled by anti-spam policy or not. Focus on complaints and testimonials (important!) On these online survey companies.

Why are they essential? Because it is one of the easiest ways to compare and determine the information you have found are true. If they do not match, needless to say, they are frauds. Therefore, it matter how well the websites are designed, if the user's experience state otherwise.

Last but not least, if the companies are paying you money that are too good to be true something like $ 5-6k of easy cash a month (without saying how you are supposed to get it), then it is "too good to be true . " Online surveys are provided to allow you to earn extra income every month, not to replace the stable monthly income you are getting from your full-time job. In the first place, cash surveys are supposedly to be used to get some spare cash.

I hope that I have related to you some of the important and essential techniques to help you to differentiate the real from the fakes. These techniques are based on both the failures and successes from my past experiences.

Lee Yong Wang Alex