Chronic Tiredness — Its Definition, Causes and Treatment


Experiencing tiredness is quite normal especially if it only happens every once in a while. But if your fatigue is something that has been consistently existing for longer periods of time, then you may want to have yourself checked because for all you know, you may already be suffering from chronic tiredness.

What is chronic tiredness?

To explain it simply, this is a condition where the suggested patient symptoms symptoms of fatigue like loss of sleep, weight loss and abnormal blood pressure for a span of two weeks up to six months. Doctors usually diagnose this illness when the tiredness one sounds stops him from doing his day to day tasks and if no other physical disease and / or illness are determined.

How can you get / develop it?

Doctors find that the following are the most common causes of chronic tiredness:
— Psychological triggers that include fits of depression, anxiety and mental stress
— Physical triggers like asthma, bronchitis, diabetes and other illnesses
— Triggers caused by taking in medicines such as steroids and / or antihistamines

Finally, what are the treatments and remedies for it?

Treatment for chronic tiredness usually depends on the triggers that caused it. For example, if the illness was proved to be caused by the psychological triggers mentioned above, then the recommended treatment is mostly centered on psychological therapy. It follows that if the condition is triggered by another physical illness then medication is likely to be prescribed. However, should the doctors find that the chronic tiredness experienced by one patient is caused both by psychological and physical triggers, then treatment for it is also usually combined.

That may make the whole treatment process seem complicated but do not worry because it really is not. Treatment for this condition is generally easy. This is because doctors would more often suggest non-intrusive techniques such as asking the patient to do exercises, requiring them to change their lifestyle and to eat healthy before prescribing medication.

Gabriel Carly