Digital X Ray Scanners


X Ray Scanners of yesterday were bulky, produced images on film and were not of a very high resolution. As a result, the images were not very clear and diagnosed had to be based half on the image and half guess work. But technology has advanced greatly today and high quality digital scanners are available to diagnosticians to make precise diagnosis based on clear images. The benefits to patients and doctors from the latest digital X ray scanners are many.

• The most obvious benefit is obtaining a high resolution image. This makes it possible for doctors to make a more accurate diagnosis.

• Moreover, these pictures can be obtained with a lower dose of radiation as compared to traditional X Ray scanners.

• There is no need for multiple cameras focussing on different quadrants with the improvement in design. This means that there is no pixel overlap and consequentially, there is no need for special processing of the overlap areas. There is no fear of loss of information while processing.

• These digital images can be modified and sent electronically over the internet. Therefore, it is a very important tool in telemedicine.

• Digital radiography images are ready for viewing in seconds and therefore can help in diagnosis in an emergency situation.

• There is no need for any chemical treatment in film thereby saving time, costs as well as the environment.

• Special image processing techniques can be applied that can enhance the quality of the image and aid diagnostics.

• A clear image can be produced even in cases of over exposure or under exposure.

• Many of the scanners are highly automated reducing the scope for human errors.

• Record of the X ray can be maintained electronically. X rays on film deteriorate with time, but an X ray stored digitally will not deteriorate and can be accessed anytime from almost anywhere.

• Digital radiology can make the whole radiology department filmless, saving in time and cost as well as increasing efficiency. It is one of the important things to remember.

In these days where time is at a premium and a visit to the hospital has to packed within the lunch hour, any medical process that results in a quicker and more precise diagnosis is to be welcomed. A digital X ray scanner, with its vastly superior technical capabilities is proving to be a great time saver as well as an important diagnostic aid. It is one of the important things to remember.

Urvi Tandon


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