Dream Building With Low Cost Lead Generation


How would you think about your business if there was low cost lead generation consistently occurring? For example, it could mean, starting out with 1 lead a week joining your business for the first 3 months. That would be 12 people in your business at the end of 3 months, which may not be overly exciting, but that is just a preliminary number for someone new to recruiting leads and building a team.

Now lets say every 3 months, you double the previous number of leads that join your business. That would mean at the end of 6 months, you would have 24 new people joining your business leaving you with 36 people on your team, at the end of 9 months, you would have 48 extra people, and so on. That's pretty good for an example of the effort of just one single person. If you're a whole team of people did that, your business would grow exponentially.

The beauty of using the internet for low cost lead generation is awesome. It's similar to comparing a car to a bicycle when it comes to online lead generation versus face to face contacting by itself. Having leads get in touch with you as opposed to asking and bugging people, which the best part is not concerned, is far more feasible. What results more people from being successful?

I think the concern that people have is they often compare themselves with others that are doing well and expecting to have the same results right away. Low cost lead generation does not occur overnight. You may not learn things as quickly as others but you can have success as well.

Since I am dyslexic, I depend on software to understand articles, e-mails, and documents as well as help me create articles. I regularly have to go back and have someone proof read the articles for clarity. I still compare myself to other people that do not have dyslexia, but I have learned that if you praise yourself for the small things and take action, your desire to learn increases.

Steadiness is key; the more you continuously do this, the more your self confidence advances and leads to more action and improved results in low cost lead generation. Competing with others frequently leads to a loss of energy and focus. If you are not getting the results of your low cost lead generation methods as quickly as you would like, take heart and think of all the important reasons you got into this industry to begin with and do not be afraid to go back to the drawing board to figure things out.

Success in this business begins with you and your beliefs. If you remind yourself of what you want to accomplish and picture yourself doing it, you can then start some action steps to getting there. Learn from as many mentors and successful people you can. The universe gives back to you what you send out to it, so take advantage of this and send your best energy and enthusiasm. If I can overcome the challenges of dyslexia, you can overcome your own challenges as well!

Believe and receive your success!

Leah Fleming

Leah Fleming


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