Drug Addiction Success And Regressive Behavior Habits


Drug addiction is known to be difficult to overcome. Sadly, the success rate is countered by a high percentage of relapses. Many can not maintain their ability to stay clean and end up returning to rehab. However, the number of people who have to repeat rehab can be when the person realizes that they can take control of his or her own life. Too often, the addict feels that the addiction is controlling him or her. If the addict is made to feel that he or she is in charge, then real change can take place.

First of all, any enabling behavior by family and friends toward the addict must stop. The addict has to be made to see that his or her choices are their own, and not anything anyone else is pushing them to do. Allow the addict to experience the consequences of drug use. Do not bail him or her out of jail, for example. Let him or her her go to court and experience a consequence of using drugs. Also, do not lend money to an addict if you know it will go to buy drugs. The addict may give you an excuse and promise that the money is to pay an important bill. Do not believe it, and do not give in. That person may be mad at you for a while, but it will not be forever. In fact, when that person is finally free of the thrall of drugs, he or she may even thank you for being so tough.

Making things as difficult on the addict as possible when it comes to obtaining and continuing to use drugs is key. It is only then, once the addict experiences the consequences of his or her actions, that this person may realize that they need help, and will voluntarily go to rehab. People who go to rehab voluntarily, as a result of their own choices, have a much higher rate of success than those who feel forced. Even if rehab does not work the first time, the addict who realizes there is a problem will be much more motivated to try it again and to keep working at it until the addiction is over. It is only when family and friends become truly involved in the recovery process by quitting their enabling behavior that the drug addiction success rate will really improve through all levels of society.

Dee Cohen