Ethics in Management


Ethics in management are a precursor to facilitating and positive leadership which usually onsets with a solid understanding of oneself. In relation to self awareness, we can say that anything within the precincts of ethical management should be based on understanding that is genuine of one's emotions and as well egotistical affinities. This should in turn lead to emotional control and emotional intelligence which in turn conceives ability that enables seeing beyond personal enhancement and thus contributing to the display of an effective managerial practice that is devoid of the situation to situation variation.

There is the aspect of technology where the new and younger leadership corps has been created. These individuals are without doubt well versed in technological innovation but there is usually an arising problem when it comes to applying knowledge in management and leadership skills. Learning to provide an understanding of human factors through years on job experience can help out in bridging this gap in the form of psychological knowledge. Some of the factors that can facilitate these are such body language, self presentation and as well motivation theory.

At the end of the day, worker motivation, value acquisition and learning principles are tied closely to ethics of management and this underlines why it is essential that the company has to be served by management at all instances. The employees are getting fair wages for the work, and they are rewarded for their effectiveness shown in their work, and they are encouraged to participate in activities of management. There arises out of the healthy competition between industries and there exists the better co-operation as well as co-regulation among workers of their factory. It is therefore, imperative for any ethical manager to never at any instance serve themselves or their own interests. There are several ways that can be employed which in turn can lead to an increase in ethics in management and this is by improving performance that can be gained through the use of learning and value acquisition like seminars among others.

An ethical manager should steer off completely from practicing the negative power, which in turn will bring about the realization that a work that is educated is the key to meeting the objectives and goals of the company. Ethics is a discipline dealing which is a good and a bad and with the moral duty. Business ethics are also concerned with behavior of the business in doing the business. Business ethics are well developed by passage of time & custom. The custom variables from businesses. Ethics are beneficial for various classes like employees, customers, business, industry, society as well as government. They are receiving quality goods, and they are paying good price for this product that they are buying, and they may not find any trouble in getting these goods, also there is not any price discrimination & price fluctuation for these customers.

Jonathan Wong