Everything About Down Syndrome


The people who suffer from Down syndrome have average to low cognitive abilities and the chances of Down syndrome are 1 to 1000 births. Also this ratio greatly depends upon the age of the mother and many other factors. Many of the symptoms of down syndrome may also be found in normal people such as poor muscle growth, ear infections, obstructive sleep, thyroid dysfunctions etc. It is advised that as soon as this syndrome is detected in children they should be treated in a conductive family environment and voluntary training should be provided to them for their development. All of the symptoms of Down syndrome can not be overcome but with proper care and education, the life of the people affected from syndrome can be greatly improved.

Characteristics of Down syndrome:

People suffering from Down syndrome may have some of the following physical characteristics:

o Oblique eye fissures

o Muscle hypotonia

o Flat nasal bridge

o Single plamar fold

o Short neck

o White spots on the iris

o Congenital heart defects

o Single Flexion furrow of the fifth finger

o Higher number of ilnar loop dermatoglyphs

Some mental characteristics include:

o Mental retardation

o Low IQ due to above factor

These are just some of the symptoms of the Down syndrome. They are many other symptoms of this dreadful disorder.

Health of people:

The people suffering from this syndrome can experience any organ or organ system failure at any time. This type of syndrome can result from many genetic disorders. These results in wide variety of symptoms and even wider variety of problems and complications in the individuals. Prior to birth it can be tested and found out that the individual which will develop will have Down syndrome while some symptoms are clearly visible after the birth like heart malfunctions others come to light in the later years.

A survey conducted in United States showed that the life acceptance of such people is around 49 years up from 25 years in 1980.The life expectancy also depends on many factors like the social environment of the individual as well as the family environment. Fertility is drastically reduced with males suffering the worst. Only 3 instances of a male suffering from Down syndrome becoming a father have been recorded.

People who support such people advise that such people should be given special guidance as well as education as well as a home environment which is suitable and caring for them and then only that develop their minds to live like a normal person. With special care and understanding the world can be made a better place to live in for individuals suffering from Down syndrome.

George Key