Healing Autism and Retardation — How a Mom Set Her Son Free


Jean Genet is a neuroscientist and autism survivor. He believes that children who are labeled as «mentally retarded» might instead be afflicted with autism.

One day, Genet’s friend Shirley was talking about a person named Anthony. Genet had to stop her and ask, «Who is Anthony?».

Shirley replied «Oh, he is my son».

Jean then asked, «Where is he at? I’ve known you for many years and I didn’t even know you had a son.».

In a quiet voice Shirley had said, «Anthony is severely retarded and lives in mental hospital.».

Genet then asked for Shirley to describe why she thought Anthony was mentally retarded. She went on for quite some time telling of the complications at Anthony’s birth. Anthony was now 35 years old and yet, has never spoken a word. Shirley desperately longed to hear her son speak. He was so disconnected from our reality. She always had a simple dream of just being recognized by her son as his mother.

The more Shirley explained Anthony’s situation, the more she was painting a picture of somebody who was suffering from autism, not retardation.

Jean explained, «Shirley — I don’t think your son is retarded at all. I believe he is autistic. He is disconnected from our reality, not able to speak and unable to recognize you as his mother — these are all signs of autism.«

Shirley hesitantly replied, «But the doctors always said that Anthony was mentally retarded.»

To that, Genet further explained, «Shirley, the medical community has always thought of autism as a mental disorder going towards retardation due to the surface appearance of the child, but in fact I believe autism begins due to an imbalance from the chemical interaction of the vaccinations received at an early age.»

«Well, I remember my son being very sick after his vaccinations.» said Shirley, «His doctors were worried about his high temperatures.», Shirley added.

Jean replied, «Shirley, raised temperatures after getting vaccinations are symptoms of a bad interaction of the drugs that seems to destroy the brain’s ability to develop speech properly, maintain emotional balance, and mental focus, all symptoms of autism

Shirley frustratingly replied, «Well, there is not much I can do about it now.».

But Jean was not finished and added, «Actually researchers, including myself, believe that the brain uses specific brain wave frequencies to repair its ability to develop speech, emotional balance, and mental focus. This technology is presented on CD disk that is listened to while going to sleep. The responses have been quite promising.».

To summarize this story, Jean Genet was able to give Shirley a CD technology and Shirley began to have Anthony listen to these CDs after he went to sleep at night. In approximately six months things began to improve for Anthony. He seemed to be more connected to his surroundings. He began to unwrap himself from his arms and open up his physical presence. Within a year Anthony was diagnosed to be autistic instead of mentally retarded.

One day down the road, Jean received a call from Shirley. She was extremely excited as she said, «Anthony is being moved into a living assisted facility with five other men!».

The change from living in a mental hospital for thirty five years to living in a home with other men was a lot for Anthony to deal with. But with Shirley’s help he adapted fine and made some improvements in communicating with the other men. But compared to the connections Anthony made one morning, these improvements were minimal.

Everyone woke from their deep sleep with loud sounds of music. All five men walked tiredly towards the sound of the music. They found themselves in the living room standing in front of Anthony who was playing perfect Chopin on the piano.

This is amazing in itself! But to turn and speak to the boys in «old english» was beyond belief. Why «old english»? We have no idea. Maybe something Anthony brought from a past experience. Who can tell?

What is most important to comprehend is that Anthony has always been able to speak, have emotional contact and play the piano in his own reality. Once Anthony’s brain was repaired, Anthony crossed over into our reality and brought with him these talents, free of mental retardation, free of autism.

Karen A. Newton