HOPE — Honest Optimistic Powerful Element


Hope is optimism, trust, faith, belief that everything will get better. This idea should prevail in your mind at all times, no matter how bad situations appear to be. I have learned to ask myself ‘what’s the worst thing that can happen?’ The answer baffles me for the worst is almost always what I can deal with, never beyond my capacity to come to grips with it.

Even though the economy is showing signs of improving there are many people who are still looking for a job, many lost their homes, with tsunami in Japan, protests in Middle East on acquiring democracy, labor shortage in China, over population in India, high unemployment in Spain, only few getting the needed loans, and some are depressed, have HOPE. In spite of these entire portrayed hopeless situations, learn to look for hope. Hope gives energy, power and mental stamina to handle life’s situations. Discipline yourself to see the «hopeful» side of every incident. Expressions of hope in self talk and continue to talk with others to promote hope among the friend’s circle. Relying on hope encourages you and others to make things happen in life. Hope of the future gives you tremendous power in the present.

Remind yourself that countries have gone through multiple situations in the past, civil wars, and right to freedom, flood, famine, atrocity and many more. Each country had its own challenges and each one has come out of it. Some have different obstacles and hurdles that the general population is working on getting better. Rome was not built in one day. Hope is a critical factor in everyday life as well.

When a student develops the ‘hope mentality’, the student will focus more on study and improve his knowledge and skills, when a sales person has hopes of making a deal, he will work harder to get his clients, when a disabled person has hope he will see the rainbow in his life. Hope gives encouragement to handle the loss of the spouse, child or parent and move on with life. Hope gives the power to sustain when an individual loses the job to focus on further training, acquiring additional skills and will keep on trying until the person finds a suitable position with an opportunity to contribute. A doctor will take every possible action necessary when the doctor has a hope that he/she can improve the condition of the patient. So is the case with a teacher. A teacher will put extra effort towards the students who needs most help when the person has high hopes to better their student’s life by imparting knowledge.

Make the decision to be a hope-filled person and learn to share hope with others. Even if your own need for hope is running a little dry, you can still give others hope. In the process of doing so, your personal hope quotient is bound to rise. When there is hope you will see that everything in conducive for a plan of action. You are born to win. Nothing can pull you down except your own thoughts. Hope for the situations to get better. Ask yourself, ‘what can I do to make it better?’ and do it. You will see that amazingly, opportunities show up in your life.

Your thinking, your attitude, your plan of action, your commitment to the plan of action in implementing is all part of the process. HOPE is the precedence for all these!!

Vijaya Jayaraman


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