How Hypnosis Works and Fun Facts


Fact: Hypnosis works!

You may still be stuck with the age-old image of hypnosis which features a black-dressed and mean-looking hypnotist putting an innocent lady to sleep so he's free to do whatever his heart desires.

BUT modern psychology and research has proven beyond doubt that when it comes making life-improving changes — hypnosis works … so well that you could term it as the Swiss army knife of mental tools because it's so multi-purpose and almost universal.

And before you blurt out: "I'm not the one to fall for this let alone to even think that hypnosis works", consider this question: how did you get to this page?

Chances are you typed in "hypnosis" or "how hypnosis works" and this page was returned as a result.

And right at this very moment, your eyes are glued to every word as you seek to know how hypnosis works.

Guess what: you are the perfect example!

Your mind is so targeted to achieve a certain goal … which on this case is to know how hypnosis works.

Hypnosis is about relaxing your mind to be ready to accept suggestions and being laser-focused to make the changes you want or grab the goal you want.

Now with that in mind, the person or subject has to agree to be hypnotized and let go of his / her fears or doubts. Otherwise, no matter how good the hypnotist or hypnotherapist is it just won't work.

And that's great news for you since that means you can now forget about the age-old myth of totally giving up control or being under the power of the hypnotist when under trance.

I know you're still trying to digest and understand how hypnosis works. And while you're at it, here are some fun facts that prove hypnosis works!

Hypnosis Works Fun Facts 1

Just this April 2008, professional hypnotist Alex Lenkei did what seemed to be impossible: painless surgery without drugs or anesthetics whatsoever!

Alex started a self-hypnosis session and placed himself under trance before the hand surgery. And what's even hair-raising about this is he was awake watching the scalpel slice through his flesh!

His blood pressure and heart rate didn't even spike up, proving that Alex was never in pain throughout the operation.

Hypnosis Works Fun Facts 2

Getting rid of addiction — like smoking, is hypnosis specialty.

US and UK hypnotherapists have proven time and again that smoking can be stopped from its tracks with just one hypnotherapy session.

No wonder a large portion of their income comes from this single use of hypnosis!

Hypnosis Works Fun Facts 3

Different studies at Stanford University have shown that hypnosis doesn't have any relation to intelligence.

This floors down the popular yet false belief that only weak-minded or guys with low IQ respond favorably to hypnosis.

Janine Chung