How To Breastfeed Your Husband And Make It Hot!


Let me say this first: Breastfeeding and adult nursing relationships are not for everyone. Some people may even be repulsed by the idea. But if you are even slightly interested in trying it out with your man, then you need to make sure that you follow these 5 breastfeeding tips.

1. Make It A Special Occasion — Breastfeeding your husband or boyfriend is an incredibly intimate and private activity. But if you do it every night with your man, it will quickly lose its appeal to both of you. Instead of nursing your man regularly, try breaking it up and doing it only once or twice a week to make it a special occasion.

2. Make Sure You Are Both Clean — I can’t believe that I’m even saying this! But even in 2012, some people don’t take their hygiene and sexual health seriously. Make sure that before you get down to breastfeeding your man that both of you are clean as well as making sure that both of you are STD free.

3. Try Talking Dirty — If you really want to heighten the sensations that you are giving your man while breastfeeding him, why not try talking dirty to him at the same time. You don’t have to say anything that’s totally outrageous. The easiest way to talk dirty to your man while breastfeeding him is to simply describe how it feels to him.

You could say things like, «That feels really good», or «I love how you suck on my nipples» or «Having you suck my breasts is really turning me on right now». That’s all there is to it. As you get more comfortable you can start to expand on what to say to him.

4. It’s A Perfect Time For A Handjob — If your man is lying across your lap while sucking on your breasts, then you are in a perfect position to start giving him a handjob at the same time. Just like with talking dirty to him, you don’t need to do anything fancy. Simply grab his shaft with a gentle grip and slowly start stroking. Ideally you want him to ejaculate after he’s finished suckling on your breasts.

5. Make Sure He Reciprocates — While breastfeeding your man is usually a mutually erotic sexual act, it may be something that your man enjoys a lot more that you do. If this is the case, then make sure that he reciprocates and does something nice for you.

So if you find yourself just sitting there waiting for him to finish, maybe afterwards get him to eat you out. Or perhaps you have ‘that one position’ that you really enjoy. Either way, make sure that sex is about both of your enjoyment, not just his.

Joe O’ Connor