How to Experience a New Reality By Opening Your Heart


"Open your heart" has been a common phrase among gurus, shaman, and spiritual leaders. What does "open your heart" really mean? Most humans think with their ego, which means they are operating from a place of fear, sexual desire, or power choices. It is no coincidence that those response systems refer to the person's first, second, and third bodily chakras.

Most humans spend their entire life functioning from the lower three chakras as opposed to expanding to their heart and beyond. If you do not refer to the Sanskrit word chakra, then imagine a large auditorium with multiple levels and rows of seats. The best seat in the auditorium to see and hear a play would be towards the front. How you experience life depends exactly on which chakra — or auditorium seat — you choose to live and function in.

Opening your heart is a reference to literally opening your physical heart to the frequency of genuine love, which is unconventional love. It is a self-love that is not based in ego needs, approval, or worldly accomplishments. When you open your physical heart, you open your chakra heart and this allows love to flow out through your brain, body, and into the entire world. It is living an authentic life.

Most humans believe they are feeling genuine love when they are in love or in a relationship. This may be so for a few, but the majority of humans operate from anxiety, depression, cynicism, inner violence, and lack of self-compassion, so they are really operating from conditional love. If you give love in order to receive love, you are in a condition based relationship.

How does a person open their heart? There are many proven paths that can open your heart, such as meditation, but it takes a slip in thinking off a commitment to a time. Golden DNA Activation is an effective and self-actualizing protocol for opening the heart without committing years as the effect is immediate as well as evolving over time.

Once a person opens their heart with Golden DNA Activation, you experience extreme joy. You will feel more connected to Source / God and your Higher Self. This joy creates a new self-conviction. If you have not already opened your third eye, the sixth chakra, DNA Activation will create an inner vision. As you view past events that caused you pain and suffering, your heart functions from a compassionate perspective that makes it easy to forgive others and yourself.

Self-compassion is the most effective way to healing inner violence towards oneself and humanity. As you allow yourself to see more and forgive more, your body will fill with actual light. In essence, joy clears up old issues and blockages stored in the heart, which makes space for light.

What is DNA Activation? Most people have learned in high school that DNA has 2-stands, a double helix with 46 chromosomes. What exists behind the physical DNA is the DNA template. This template or energetic blueprint contains an additional 10 etheric strands that are currently inactive and have been labeled "junk." Science has yet to discover the multidimensional aspect of DNA. The junk DNA is simply dormant and waiting to be activated.

If we activate the 97% inactive and unplugged information, what happens? Everything in life is controlled by frequency. The frequency by which you oscillate is determined by your DNA activation. For example, a low frequency burst conflict, limitation, and stress. When you raise your frequency, you attract a new grid of people, places, jobs, abundance, time, and events. This is new opportunity. You no longer manifest chaos.

An open heart is a frequency just as a closed heart is a frequency.

You have probably heard about The Secret , which explains the law of how we attract things into our lives. Once you open your heart, your ability to manifest desires becomes faster and easier as the joy becomes a rocket launcher for your ideas, goals, and desires. Your manifestations return to you in the form that you desire. You experience a whole new reality.

Golden DNA Activation will open your heart, raise your frequency to joy, and open the door to new opportunities. Golden DNA Activation is the path to raising humanity's consciousness into peace.

Deborah Bravandt