How to Get a Scorpio Man Back — Tips to Reclaim His Heart


Do you want to learn how to get a Scorpio man back? Are you miserable since you and your boyfriend broke up? If you’re determined to have a future with your special guy, you can make it happen. Understanding exactly how to appeal to the heart of your Scorpio will give you the best possible chance to win back his love and devotion.

You already know how unique a Scorpio man can be. You recognize that when it comes to matters of the heart, you have to proceed with extreme caution. Since the two of you broke up, consider how the dynamic has been between you? If it’s felt stressed and if you two just end up quarreling when you talk, you need to remedy that before you do anything else. Learning how to get back a Scorpio man starts with an apology. You need to make amends for the issues you two have been facing. Be sincere and genuine when you apologize to him. Make it clear that you have regrets and that you’ve learned from your mistakes. This will help to smooth the path towards reconciliation for the two of you.

Some women firmly believe that the best way to get back a man born under this sign is to make him jealous. That may well be the worst possible move you can make. Once a Scorpio feels the twinge of jealousy, he’s hurt and it takes some time to get past that. Using this approach could cost you a future with him, so avoid it completely.

Instead, focus on establishing a new connection with your Scorpio. You know how much he values honest and supportive friends, so become one to him. He doesn’t want to focus on the painful problems you two have faced in the past, and neither do you. That’s why it’s so effective to start on new footing by being platonic friends. Work on showing him that he can depend on you and that you’re still the same woman he was initially attracted to.

Above and beyond everything else be sensitive to what he’s feeling. Allow him to express his thoughts and acknowledge them. He needs you to validate that what he’s feeling is worth your attention. If he does decide to open up about the break up, let your guard down and listen. Absorb what he tells you he’s feeling and learn from it. This will help you both to move past things and start building a new future together.

Gillian Reynolds