How to Make Wild and Passionate Love to Your Man — 5 Sex Tips That Every Woman MUST Master in Bed


Every woman has the potential to be an amazing lover in the bedroom. Every woman has the power to rock her man’s world and to blow his mind with her sexual advances. If you don’t feel like you can do this, then you need a pat on the back and some tips to give you the reassurance that you need to know that you are a sex demon and that you are capable of so many wild things.

You need to learn how to make wild and passionate love to your man if you expect to keep him interested. Sex is a very important part of a relationship. This is what separates you from being just friends. Sex creates a very important bond between two people in love and it helps to keep the relationship blossoming and growing. Sex is important and it should be treated in that way.

In order to make wild and passionate love to him in the right way, you need to learn these 5 sex tips that every woman MUST master. With these tips, you are going to be well on your way to giving your man something that he is going to remember for a long time to come.

The first sex tip for women is all about the art of seduction. Seducing a man is very important and is something that every woman should be able to do. When you seduce a man, you make him do what you want. You have all of the power and the control and everything is up to you. This power switch turns him on and will turn you on too.

The second sex tip that every woman should know is that oral sex can be foreplay. You don’t have to stick to the traditional forms of foreplay to please your man, you can spice things up. Going down on him before you make love will certainly get him going in a way that only oral sex can achieve. Feeling your warm mouth on him will drive him wild and will make him want you bad.

The third sex tip for women is to get on top. Women don’t utilize the cowgirl position as often as they should and it is a shame. This position is incredibly sexy and is something that you man craves. He wants you to get on top and he wants you to work it on him. Do this and you will give him an image he won’t soon forget.

The fourth tip is to use everything you got and to pull out all the stops. Dirty talk is super powerful to a man. Whispering in his ear some super naughty things will definitely drive him crazy and make him want you bad.

The final tip is to always give your man visual stimulation. Men work off of visual pleasure and women emotional. This means that your man needs to see what is happening to connect with it. Dressing up in sexy lingerie and making love with the lights on is one surefire way to give him what he wants.

Michelle Jacobs