How to Read Violin Notes for Beginners — 4 Simple Steps


With many people looking at saving money when it comes to learning new things, it comes to a number learning how to read violin notes for beginners. This is the easiest part of learning how to play the violin and can be done in a few easy steps.

Over years, many people have learned how to play music by listening and mimicking. This is known as playing by ear and while it is a great skill, it does not get many people very far. It is very important to learn how to read violin notes for beginners and follow the few simple steps listed so that you can become the next famous violinist.

Step One:
You need to work out which is the treble clef, which is the one that the right hand plays on piano music. It has a very similar looking & symbol, always placed at the start of each line. If you find music with a backwards looking C, then you are looking at the bass clef, which is the wrong one entirely.

Step Two:
You need to understand what each of the notes that sit on the five lines of the stave. These are E, G, B, D, F and you can easily remembered with the phrase "Every Good Boy Does Fine". Occasionally, these notes will come second hand and you will not need to remember the phrase to know what notes you are playing.

Step Three:
You also need to know what the notes in the spaces of the stave lines mean. These are F, A, C, E, which spells out a word all by itself. These are generally easier to remember because those are on the lines already.

Step Four:
There are notes that can sit above or below the stave lines and you will generally see them with lines drawn through them. All the notes are labeled AG and are then repeated so it is easy to tell which notes, as long as you know the basic ones.

When you learn how to read violin notes for beginners, it may seem difficult at first and you may benefit from writing the letter names above them so that you do not need to think too much. However, ever they will all become second nature and you will be able to tell a note the minute that you see it. The hardest part of learning to play the violin is actually learning to play it and getting the technique right.

Jennifer Hinds