How To Tackle Anxiety


This is the age of anxiety, it looks like. We have made tremendous progress scientifically by developing new equipments which could track far-flung trips to Mars. Yet sadly, we have not been taught how to manage our anxiety, emotions better.

These days everyone is on a mission of prosperity and expansion. While the mission has to be commended, the anxiety that accompanies those missions has to be managed well. Both adults and children are victims of anxiety, be it job or studies.

In particular, children have been stressed out a lot these days. There are loads of expectations from parents, teachers and society at large. This has planted seeds of anxiety in them. This will surely create stressed out adults, sometime in the future.

First let us understand what anxiety is and suggest few time-tested methods to stay anchored in bliss and happiness. Anxiety could be genetic, due to upbringing or due to environmental factors. Irrespective of the cause, we need to investigate simple methods to overcome these disorders.

When you worry about what happened in the past or are worried about some event in the future, you become a victim of anxiety. Usually those suffering from anxiety are those who call themselves very efficient. They confuse planning, with expectations arising out of those plans and end up confused.

You are in the present and the event that you foresee is somewhere in the future. While we can do our best through good plans for a good outcome, we may not have the power to deal with that future event until that moment arrives. By constantly worrying about the success of the event, we create an anxiety gap.

The trick in dealing with these aberrant thoughts is to realize that these thoughts aren't you. You are much deeper and need to use these thoughts when needed. Often, thoughts seem to spring up from nowhere and create pain, fear and anxiety. When you just watch these thoughts as it fires up with no judgement, suddenly there seems to be a power within you that has woken up.

You then allow these thoughts to stream through you without worrying too much. In other words you have become an observer of your thoughts. This doesn't mean that we will just be passive observers. Where action is needed, we will use our mind. Yet when stupid, debilitating thoughts shoot through, we offer no resistance to it. It just runs through us and empties itself. When you offer resistance, you would make those anxious thoughts more stubborn.

You have to be anchored in the present to be rid of anxiety. When you become an observer of your thoughts, you reclaim the power of mastery over your mind. That in short is the only solution for eliminating these anxiety attacks.

Are there any tools to help us anchor in the present?

It is true that we need help before we become masters of our mind. To handle fear, anxiety and depression there are some sound meditations, which provide immense relief and help to overcome all these hurdles naturally.

You have to listen to syllabic sounds focused on different planes where the negative patterns are stored. This has a wonderful effect of altering your basic chemistry and giving you a re-birth. People have experienced profound transformation using these sounds.

Jai Kannan