Improve Sports Performance Dramatically and Automatically With Creative Relaxation Mental Training


A study conducted at Bishops University in Sherbrook, Quebec showed that the effects of mental training for strength development is indeed delivering trackingable results. A group of athletes recently tested in areas of physical performance and overall body functioning.

In this short term study researchers used a controlled measure (control group) to evaluate how well mental training effects performance and strength.

They used a pretest assessment of participants in the areas of strength, blood pressure and heart rate at the beginning of the testing. Intervention used was physical training verses mental training

Group one added increased physical training for a period of two week. Using a hip flexor machine for 15 minutes per session at a rate of five times per week, and they added 15 pounds of weight every third session.

Group two added visualization of themselves using the hip flexor machine at the same interval and they also used mental training to visualize themselves adding five pounds per day.

Group three added either of these interventions to their normal training.

The results concluded that the participants in group one who used physical training increased their hip flexor strength by 36 pounds or 28%. In group three the control group increased their strength by only 6 pounds

What may be Interesting to you is that the participants of group two who used visualization intervention increased their strength 32 pounds or 27%.

In comparison to the group three who just did their normal workouts, it looks like mental training is superior in delivering extended levels of increase in performance results.

At the end of the testing period the pre test assessment was given again, and both the mental and physical training groups had lowered their systolic blood pressure and pulse rate. Mental training combined with physical training is known to increase the level performance for many athletes.

More an additional test results are proving beyond a show of doubt that such things a hypnotic training and mind enhancements at the subconscious level are delivering the competitive edge.

Hypnosis enhanced with Brain Entrainment technology allows you to focus better, and achieve higher levels of concentration when you face the stress of competitions. It is also known to increase your ability to enter deep states of relaxation in order to get the most out of the rejuvenation process that sleeping offers.

Hypnosis is also easier to access then ever before, due easy web access to the most current technology. Mental training to increase your performance can be done in the convenience of your home in download format.

So when you are ready to improve your competitive edge, and get the most out of training efforts, be sure to incorporate visualizations with large doses of hypnosis.

Maureen E. Killoran