Lap Band Vs Gastric Bypass Surgery



For people that have weight problems, there are many options available. People that feel hopelessness after trying out less extreme options may actually decide to go for surgery in order to help them with these problems and for these people there are two primary surgical options available. Lap band surgery is the first one and gastric bypass surgery is the second. While a detailed analysis of both types of surgery is beyond the scope of this particular article, below you will find a basic comparison between the two surgical types.


The procedure for both of them is similar as it involves an actual surgical procedure that does something to the body. In the case of lap band surgery, no direct changes are made to any aspects of the body. Instead, a band is inserted into the body and installed in such a way as to circle the stomach. Then later on, the band can be reduced in size to squeeze the stomach into a smaller volume and in doing so control the amount of food that a person ends up eating.

Gastric bypass surgery on the other hand does not involve the insertion of any permanent foreign body into the person. Instead, it has to do with making a change to the stomach organ so that the amount of volume that is actually utilized during the normal functioning of the stomach is greatly reduced. The bypass aspect of it essentially means that food bypasses from the stomach to the small intestine, skipping a large part of the stomach's actual volume in the process. This is how gastric bypass works and like lap band surgery the goal is to get a person to eat less by making the actual physical volume of their stomach smaller.


As far as up front cost is concerned, you will usually find that any price you can find for a gastric bypass surgery can be matched by a lap band surgery and vice versa. The main reason for this is that these two types of surgery are direct competitors with each other in the market and as a result of that try to take as many customers away from the other as possible. This is why if you are able to find a cheap gastric bypass procedure for around $ 10,000 or so, you should be able to find a lap band procedure that costs the same amount of money. The quality of the work might be variable, but in terms of actual cost you should not see that much difference between lap band surgery and the gastric bypass procedure.


As far as the actual numbers are concerned, lap band and gastric bypass surgery are quite similar. They have similar costs associated with them and for that reason you need to look deeper into the specifics of each method in order to see which one is right for you. Look at typical recovery times, benefits, maintenance and other aspects and one should seem better for you than the other before too long.

Martha Gonzalez