Meanings of Flower Colors


Last week I went to a local Perth Florist looking to buy some flowers for a friend. Knowing that they were a keen gardener I thought I had better be smart about the flowers that I buy them to ensure they conveyed the correct meaning for the occasion. I asked the florist what color flowers they thought I should be buying, surprisingly they had no idea. I took a stab in the dark and ended up with a lovely bouquet anyway.

On getting home I did a little research and came up with the following;

Red — Love, Romance, Passion, Devotion. This is the most common color of flowers given by lovers and had symbolized love and romance for a long time.

White — Purity, Innocence. Often given at weddings baptisms and first communions. They can also be perfect for telling a partner how pure your love is for them. Try combining red and white roses in a bouquet for something unique.

Yellow — Friendship, Happiness, Provision. Yellow flowers have long been considered as the color that you would send to friends or someone to someone to let them know that you're just friends. Also as yellow is associated with the color gold it also symbolises provision and sustenance.

Pink — Appreciation, Gratitude, Sympathy. Often the color favored by young girls. Pink has come to convey the feelings of innocence and purity. As pink is the milder version of red it expresses many of the same feeling but in a more gentle, fun loving way.

Thornless Rose — Has the meaning of it was 'love at first sight'

I hope this list gives you a better idea of ​​the flowers you choose and next time you're down the local Perth Florist .

Suzanne Barret