Niche Business Ideas: Overcoming Your Mental Blocks To Getting More Profitable Ideas


Getting profitable ideas faster
Can help you avoid disaster,
Just take stock
And avoid these mental blocks
Then you'll be an idea master.

Niche business ideas are declination in America for the first time. This is in line with the latest research by the University of California, that overall American creativity is declining. The gap between the US and the rest of the world is narrowing by staggering amounts.

Many experts, including Sir Ken Robinson feel it's because we're slowly educating people out of their creativity. "Our schools have been teaching us to be good workers, rather than creative thinkers", says the creativity expert.

In fact, because of our low priority to teach and encourage creative thinking in our educational system many people develop mental blocks. These mental blocks diminish, squelch and limit the creativity in most of us.

The big challenge is finding ways to restore our natural creativity, imagination and innovative thinking — schools continue to educate out of most of us.

Here's The Top 3 Mental Blocks To Getting More Profitable Ideas for Your Business.

Mental Block # 1
Giving Up on Ilogical Ideas Too Soon

Did you know some of histories great ideas started out as ellogical? Fortunately, the creators never let that stop them. For example, everything from the light bulb and jet plane — to the personal computer and smart phone were first all ellogical ideas.

Yes, the ideas started out as ellogical dreams of the creator — but through persistent research and adjustments, they worked their way to a logical result. The bar of logic is always moving — and continues to move faster in this high tech / information age.

What's was ellogical or even said to be impossible just a few years ago is reality now. From cars that drive themselves to the commercial value of rap music and everything in between. Who would have thought?

So, do not be afraid to start with an ellogical idea. Because if you have one you're in good company. That's what some of our countries greatest innovators such as Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs Bill Gates and others started with.

Mental Block # 2
Looking At Problems As Bad Instead of As Opportunities

With problems all around us, the first reaction of most people is to ignore, run or even deny them. But idea minded people see problems as opportunities instead of obstacles. In fact, the only reason something is bought or sold is because the buyer is trying to solve a problem.

Whatever motivates your customer or prospect to buy from you instead of a competitor is because you solve more of a higher priority problem.

So, do not let this mental block stop you. Do not run from problems … run to them. Why? Because that's where your next profit idea is hidden.

Yes, most people consistently miss golden opportunities each day, because they often come disguised as problems. Now you know!

Listen to your market, to your customers, to your prospects seek out any problems they're having. This is one simple action that could lead you to larger profits, increased sales and more repeat business.

Mental Block # 3
Underestimating The Power of a Small Idea

Big ideas often steal the show when it comes to idea creation. Everyone is looking for the big idea that revolutionizes an industry. But did you realize how many small ideas have revolutionized industries as well?

In fact, many small ideas have stood the test of time better than the so-called big ideas. For example, the paper clip, the toothpick, or the nail file, to name a few.

In my opinion, small ideas do not get close to enough credit or respect for their contributions. People often overlook small ideas because of ignorance to their importance in the creative process.

Yes, small ideas can be the beginning of a big idea. But a small idea in itself has been known to boost sales, reignite profits and even save a business from bankruptcy. So, never understimate the power of a small idea. The screw was a small idea, but I dare you or anyone to fly in a plane that did not have one.

By simply being aware of these 3 mental blocks, you'll have all the tools you'll need to start over them. Awareness and persistent actions is the best way you can push back against the obstacles to getting more profitable ideas.

Roy Primm