No Implication Theory


Approval in society has almost become mandatory. We somehow need to be understood perfectly by those whom we associate ourselves with. So much so, there is protocol to follow for every occasion. Everything that needs to get across all the time cannot be contained in this predefined behavioral code. There is bound to be room for misunderstanding when there exists such a gap between what is meant to be understood and what eventually is.

Such a mandate of common opinion for approval brings about the concept that every action and every word spoken has an implication. These implications can differ depending on whose on the receiving end. Sensitivity to a particular subject can invoke a response of anger, hurt and pain. Paying attention to protocol prevents such occurrences while keeping lots that is meant to be said quiet, allowing them to cause many a misunderstanding. When what is kept quiet is required to be known, to ask for clarification is awkward because protocol defines the unsaid but cannot define all that remains unsaid.

The root causes of this issue is the approval we seek from each other for what we do and the things approved of that we expect from each other. They surround and dictate our modes of interaction, our opinions and our points of view when these matter. They are a limiting factor to the human capability. They also create unnecessary dependence and reliance that neither promotes nor supports a cause. They serve society no profitable purpose.

If done away with, society will need a replacement system. One in which every action and word spoken is done so in complete conviction of its purpose and goal. One in which every action and word spoken is received only if it is in tandem with ones purpose and goal. To not be in approval of yet to be in respect of everything we see and hear while perfectly understanding our purpose and goal and do what it takes to achieve it while causing no inconvenience to those we involve in the process is what such a replacement system would require. It is a better recourse to making the world a better place-when you act in the above mentioned interest not looking for and not depending on positive encouraging response for what you do. It makes the self stronger, confident and provides space for one to grow to boundless measures.

Sunil Noronha