Obstacles to Your Detoxification Plan


So you finally decided that you need to detox. You know your reasons (fatigue, weight gain, food intolerance, congestion, etc.), but as you prepare more and more, you realize a proper detoxification program might not be as easy as you thought.

You'll need to make some changes: some temporary and some longer long-term for maintenance purposes.

Sticking to a plan requires discipline and the ability to foresee obstacles and prepare for them.
Perhaps the most important preparation you have to focus on is the mindset.

The way you prepare mentally is by analyzing your first behavior and determining what motivated you in making changes in the past, what prepared you for achieving your goal in some circumstances, and what you learned about yourself when you tried to change before.

The most common obstacles people encounter during those days is feeling defeated by loss of willpower and social influences. Luckily you can prepare for both.

The way you prepare for your will power's sabotage is by creating an environment for success: surround yourself with stimulating reminders, eliminate all temptations and most importantly put systems in place that remind you constantly of your good and its benefits.

As for social influences, here are the top ones: understanding their intention is a good tool to help you deal with the sabotage.

1. Friends and family will always have something to say, and it's not always going to be supportive; do not worry! Everyone's family is like this! As good as their intentions might be, they may have trouble facing their own lifestyle choices when they see others like yourself, bravely trying to change your health.

2. Your health care professionals may be concerned that this kind of treatment is harmful or a waste of time. Although it's a genuine concern for your welfare as a patient, they may not be informed about the scientific basis of detoxification therapy; rightfully so, you should have some guidance while following a detox program.

Anticipating your obstacles will ensure success when building new health for yourself.

Organize your daily schedule to a new pattern and start gradually, like a 3-step nutritional cleansing program, so you'll cause the least amount of stress for yourself.

Anca Martalog


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