OCD Forum — Is Your OCD Worse When You’re Tired? Here’s Why


Have you ever noticed that your OCD can be worse when you’re tired?

When we don’t get enough rest, our cells don’t act the way that they are supposed to. We need rest. There is a huge reason why getting good sleep can literally add years to your life. Our minds are made up of little cells and each of these cells needs good nutrients and rest. If they don’t get these things, they don’t work the way they are supposed to and we feel sluggish and our mental state becomes altered.

Have you ever noticed that after getting a good night’s rest you feel refreshed and good?

That’s because your cells have been rested and are functioning properly. When our cells are not functioning properly, we feel bad, when our cells are functioning properly, we feel good. So we need to make sure first that our cells have all the nutrients they need, second, make sure that they get enough rest.

Your body is good at telling you what it needs if you just listen.

If you feel crappy all the time, it means you’re probably doing something wrong.

If you feel good all the time It probably means you’re doing something right.

When our brain cells are working good, we are able to handle stress better. Unless we are at the point where we are just about to fall asleep, then we don’t care about stress that much then. But when we are in a restless state where we are tired but wide awake, we are more susceptible to fear and fear is the basis of anxiety which is the basis of OCD.

Take action: Get good rest and you’ll be able to deal with OCD better.

Derek Soto


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