Positive Thinking Quotes


Positive thinking quotes are ideal sources for inspiration and courage in your personal life. When you read them, you not only feed your mind with positive energy, but you also grab nuggets of wisdom from the greatest men and women who ever lived. For almost any situation, you'll find that there is always an appropriate saying, adage or quotation for your benefit. When you collect positive thinking quotes, it's like building your own personal library of stimulating thoughts. You may not be able to read and digest all the quotes in one sitting, but you can always refer to them when you're feeling down and needing an emotional boost.

Collecting positive thinking quotes takes some focus and mental alertness at first. But when you are really in search of positive ideas, you will discover that the world we live in is full of encouraging thoughts. Therefore, you must always be aware of the world around you. Make an effort to take mental note of positive sayings you hear in your daily life. If possible, write down motivational quotes when you hear them being spoken by someone, or when you see them in print. This kind of mental alertness and openness to positive ideas will train your senses to filter negative thoughts. It will allow you to erase feelings of low self esteem and replace your mindset with a positive outlook.

A relatively easier way to gain access to positive thinking quotes is to get yourself a good quotation reference book. These types of books are available in almost every major bookstore, and contain compilations of popular, proven and time tested sayings. A lot of these books have the quotations arranged systematically in various categories such as theme and author name. Thus, using a quotation reference book allows you to easily find the perfect quote that fits your unique situation. It's also a good way to add spice to your communication skills. For example, if you're aspiring to become an effective public speaker, you can use positive quotes to inspire your audience and finish your sentences on a high note.

When reading positive thinking quotes, do not just skim through them and finish them in a hurry. The power of positive quotes is not in the words used, but in how you comprehend those words and assimilate them into your subconscious. Your mind will benefit more if you take time to internalize positive ideas. If possible, learn and discover the background story behind every quotation. This will add more meaning to the nuggets of motivation you are reading. For example, a lot of people are familiar with the saying, "I can not accept failure without trying." But if you're aware that the person who originally said those words is Michael Jordan, and you're fully aware of the challenges and circumstances that he faced in his career, the "would have a defect meaning to you. That's why it's important to read quotes and sayings intently, in between the lines.

Acquiring and sustaining a positive mindset is a lifelong task that requires focus and persistence, but it will reward you with happiness, peace of mind, and the fulfillment of your goals in life. If you make it a habit to extract juices of positive ideas around you, your thoughts will constantly improve for the better. Make a consistent effort to eliminate negativity from your thoughts. Change your mindset: because by doing so, you also change your destiny.

Ian K Lewis