Predicting Stocks and Other Things With Remote Viewing


Remote viewing is the unexplained, but scientifically acknowledged ability to see something that is hidden from physical view, something that is usually separated by some distance. Known as PSI, it is classified as a paranormal ability and is sometimes thought of as ESP, clairvoyance, precognition, or telepathy.

Used extensively as an intelligence gathering tool, the US government funded PSI research for over twenty years from the end of world war two through to the 1970s and used it to train 'psychic spies' during the Cold War. Known as part of the Star Gate project, the results were irrefutable: remote viewing is not only possible, but as an innate ability that everyone possesses, anyone can learn how to do it, and for those who become good at it, it is possible for them to achieve a positive result eighty percent of the time — eighty percent being the threshold replicated across multiple laboratories and cultures.

Up until recently remote viewing has significantly been a tool used by the military, the CIA and other related branches of law enforcement. A common practice of the police, it has been used to solve crimes and find missing people. But having the imagination of the public, the application of remote viewing is gaining momentum in the mainstream, and is being used by some to predict all kinds of future events including the rise and fall of the stock market.

The idea that remote viewing can be used to successfully predict the outcome of the financial market eighty percent of the time might seem fanciful, if not a dream, but what about using it to see the future state of your health and well being. To use it in this way would in effect enable a person to change their future and maybe even postpone their death.

The ramifications of remote viewing for our daily lives are huge, but more than this, the fact that it is a proven phenomenon that requires our consciousness to transcend time and space, remote viewing is also a way of glimpsing the "universal mind" the " sea ​​of ​​consciousness "that all mystical experiences elude to — the all knows that is everywhere, and that we can, through learning how to remote view, tap into whenever we want.

Surprisingly, learning how to remote view is not as difficult as one might imagine. In fact, it can be a deeply relaxing experience because it requires a temporary shift in brainwave frequencies from the beta range to the alpha range. The alpha brainwave frequency range is a dreamy relaxed, nonjudgmental, non analytical state and is the brainwave states most commonly associated with paranormal experiences. When one develops the ability to enter this state while remaining alert, they are in optimum state not only for remote viewing but for a whole host of experiences that transcend the barriers of the time space continuum.

Christine G. Flynn