Proper Hygiene Helps to Fight Multiple Ailments


The use of antibacterial soap, dish liquid, shower gel, and other products is generally popular in today's society. Just take a stroll down the soap aisle of your favorite grocer and you will see clear evidence of the broad use of antibacterial cleansers. To look at that grocer aisle, a person might think we are a society obsessed with germ fighting. By all commercial accounts, we are. However, one of the simplest defenses against ailments such as pimples, jungle rot, foot fungus, staph, and strep infections is as easy as soap and water. Proper care to cleanliness can less or eliminate harmful germs and bacteria before they have a chance to cause health problems.

Proper hygiene can help fight off most common germs or bacterial infections. For example, jungle rot can be a serious condition with fungus eating away at skin, flesh, and bone. But it is most common in tropical areas, but seeing it in other non-tropical climates is not as unheard of or uncommon as one might think. It starts with a simple scratch, cut, or other break in the skin (usually near the ankle.) If the lesion is not kept clean and protected, bacteria such as staph and / or streptococci can invade, setting up a prime environment for jungle rot. If left untreated, the condition can progress to such a point that amputation is necessary.

Common, less serious conditions such as foot fungus (most commonly known as athlete's foot) and pimples (acne) can also be combated by proper hygiene habits. Keeping pores clean and clear of oils and dirt can help lessen pimple outbreaks or reduce their severity. Properly washing and drying feet and keeping bathroom floors clean and disinfected can help lessen the likelihood of athlete's foot infections. While good hygiene does not guarantee these conditions will not occur, it does less their likelihood and keep the severity of these conditions at a more manageable level.

If you are concerned with germs and bacterial infections, in spite of good hygiene habits, there are green alternatives available to antibacterial soaps and cleansers. Essential oils such as lavender and tea tree oil have been used for centuries to combat fungal and bacterial infections such as those found in jungle rot and athlete's foot. Natural remedies such as bergamot have been used to help combat skin conditions like pimples (acne). These all-natural ingredients can help combat the same germs antibacterial soaps, gels, and cleansers fight, but without destroying the good bacteria that also help fight infections and other conditions.

Willard Johnson