Relationship Compability Questions — Are You Too Sentimental?


Many dangers are constantly threatening you in life, especially when you are in love. This is why you must be very cautious and learn how to identify the right partner. Love is irrational and blind. However, you must be able to think reasonably even when you are in love with someone. Otherwise, you are in great danger. You may very easily become a victim of the person you love.

Many couples have problematic relationships, even when they live together for years. Usually one partner takes advantage of the other. He / she will disregard the other person's feelings, personality, and rights. However, his partner will accept this situation. This attitude is not the result of "too much love", but an apathy that reflects absurdity.

You must be very careful so that you will not be enslaved by too many sentimental feelings for the other person. You will be helped if you'll care about the meaning of your own dreams. Thanks to the extraordinary discoveries of the psychiatrist Carl Jung, today we know that every dream contains hidden messages. All dreams are produced by the unconscious mind, which possesses undoubtable wisdom.

I continued Jung's research, discovering more about the human mind, and I simplified his complicated method of dream interpretation. I provided psychotherapy to many people for 19 years. I verified that many of them were victims of their own feelings. They were so indignant to the humiliations that they kept bearing for living with a rude partner, that they were in fact masochists.

I prepared for you a few relationship compatibility questions that you must ask yourself when you have a love relationship. Be sincere and objective.

1. Do you believe that your partner completely understands the way you think and feel?

2. Does he / she cares about the way you feel?

3. Have you ever analyzed his / her personality from a distant perspective, as if you were someone else?

4. Suppose that you were someone else, and you were analyzing the compatibility existing between you and your partner. Would you conclude that you really fit together?

5. Are you able to control your behavior when you are near him or her?

6. Do you feel dependent on him / her?

7. Are you happy with the way that he or she cares for you all the time?

Those who are slaves of their feelings, completely disregard their own preferences and desires. If you are a victim of too many sentimental feelings for the other person while the other person does not respect you, you must open your eyes. Do not be a masochist. You must have the courage to act, and do something to improve your life.

People who are extroverts and rely on feelings are the largest victims of their sentimentalism. They are not able to think logically and have the right attitude when they are humiliated. They let their partner take advantage of them without reacting.

Be prudent and learn how to find your perfect match instead of accepting relationships that will only hurt you. The unconscious mind will guide you in dream messages. You only have to be a good student and learn the dream language.

Christina Sponias


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