Stealth Hypnosis: 4 Pillars Of Unstoppable Hypnotic Power


Are There Really Secrets of Unstoppable, Hypnotic Influence?

Well the short answer is YES! Absolutely If you apply four basic macro elements No Human Being Can Resist Your Hypnotic Influence. They Will in fact do what you say… when ever you say it.


I know that sounds like Super-Hype Right Now. But I’m not joking.

If you understand and can apply the four things I’m about to share with you will be hypnotically, unstoppable. Nobody will be able to resist you, Not the most psychotic mis-matcher Polarity Responder or Exception Sorter have much chance against you. If you understand these killer influence secrets it won’t matter.

Polarity Responders don’t matter either if you understand technically how to deal with those people.

If you have the four elements which I call lovingly, the four pillars of Unstoppable Hypnotic Power… and you have cognizant control and mastery of these four elements — nobody can resist your influence. Unless they’re just being arbitrarily, irrationally stubborn. And even then I don’t think they could do it.


Pillar number one, Authority

Many different types of authority.

Once a person views you as an authority in their world they will do what you say most times at a default whether they want to or not.

Depending especially on the kind of authority that you have. Which, if you can be perceived… Remember, it’s not..not necessarily a legitimate authority in and of itself.

It’s perceived authority.

If you’re perceived as an authority in their world they will do what you want, even if they don’t want to.

Pillar #2 Attractivity

First thing to understand, good looking guys score well on subjective, assessments from their opposite-gender instructors.

Study number two, females viewed as attractive scored higher on subjective assessments and tests from their male instructors.

Attraction counts.

But, whatever the good lord gave you in the looks department find ways to maximize it. Not only that, you have to find out who you want to be attractive to. Find out what to you about you is attractive and maximize it. That is what we call «Passive Hypnotic Operator.« Your level of attractiveness, in terms of physical appearance.

There other ways to be attractive that have nothing to do with physical appearance. Make sense?

For Example:

Deep, resonant voices are perceived as immensely attractive and seductive to women. Women select men with these kinds of voices for one night stands. That’s science. I’m just reporting science to you. OK?

Pillar Number 3 — Acquiescence —

The Law of Compliance: The more people comply with your requests the more likely they are to continue to comply to further requests.

For some this is due to lack of will power, low identity strength… People who simply go along to get along, need to follow the group etc.

The reason they comply does not matter. Once you get them complying they tend to just keep doing it. If you know how to apply the strategy.

One of my mentors Mark Cunningham use to teach that three out of ten people will do what you say and be hypnotically suggestible to you just by your presence being in the room.


Kenrick Cleveland used to say you… «Don’t worry about making people do things against their will, because most people have none.» And that’s what I mean when I talk about low identity, or will power.

The average human being has a very tenuous grip on reality. And if your frame, what you believe, your conviction is strong enough, it will override theirs. But to do that, you have to be congruent.

You have to have balls of steel, or ovaries of steel, depending on your gender. You have to be willing to «go there.» You have to be willing to step into that persona. Step into that mindset and live it.

Pillar #4 Affinity

Some People Lump Rapport In With Affinity. Although Rapport is important it is not the affinity tool of unstoppable hypnotic influence.

There are other ways. One such method of tapping into the power of affinity to generate attraction after a bad first impression is through the power of one such affinity principle’s And that’s simply what we call familiarity and/or consistency principles.

In other words, the more times somebody sees you, even if it’s for a few minutes every day or a minute in passing, the more attractive you become.

So, the people who are rated a five on the first meeting, after about a month of seeing them once or twice a week, they’re going to go up to a six or seven. You become familiar and that breeds a level of comfort, attractiveness that becomes very, very useful.

You know, there’s no, there’s a reason why when people joke about how sometimes a child doesn’t look like her father. They say the milkman must’ve been over or the mailman came over.

Why? Who do they see everyday?

The milkman. The maid. The postman. The boy next door. The girl next door. The gardener. The pool person. Why? They see them everyday or every other… On a consistent basis over time. The attractivity goes up people ultimately act on that attraction.

Each of the four pillars by itself is very powerful. Gain control of any two and you can begin generating the other two. Once you have master of all four pillars. people will simply do what you say out of default and often simply by choice.

If you would like to learn more about the real power of covert hypnosis I invite you to visit my blog at the address below. I would love read your comments.

Until Next Time Trance The World and Take Names…

David X.