Suspension — The Definition and the Reasons Behind It


I'm sitting here watching a quite large needle pierce one side of the flesh, the strain to get it through to the other side. Hearing the grunt of pain from some where outside of that. Watching the flesh finally give way and then followed by a hook. One down, six to go. This is something so small, but so powerful in a completely unique environment. If you could not tell, I am speaking about suspension. More specifically, Flesh suspension.

Flesh suspension, wikipedia's definition, is the act of suspending a human body from hooks that have been put through body piercings. These piercings are temporary and are performed just prior to the actual suspension . Now these piercings can range from the arms, back, legs, buttocks or even the face. Most people would say it is insane or unthinkable to willingly inflict pain upon yourself. But to quite a large community, this is an amazing unbelievable experience. I have been asked several times, why would I do such a thing to my body. Well there are many reasons suspension practitioners enjoy or do suspensions.

There is the physical enjoyable part of suspension. That is from a chemical, released the pituitary gland, called endorphins. They create a sense of well being, accomplishment, a euphoria, and an all around good feeling. They are a natural high from within the body. It only takes a few minutes for endorphins to be release. But unfortunately not everyone gets to enjoy that high from the endorphins. But quite a few of the lucky people chase that high by doing suspension. From what I have heard from a few people, they have described some experiences as an out of body experience, I personally feel a sense of accomplishment, a new perspective on life and myself.

Another reason many people do suspension is for the "freak show" aspect to it. Its not uncommon for some suspension practitioners to have shows to allow the public view suspensions for shock, attention or awe. Many of them get the endorphin high but also the high from being on display. Do not get me wrong, yes being on display is an exhilarating feeling and a great high, but not everyone involved in suspension is looking for the attention, or the shock and awe part of it.

To be honest, many people more recently, who are new to suspension, are just trying to experience something new. Not all of them may like it after they try it, but most seem to enjoy the experience. Trying something like this for a first time is extremely difficult. Its getting past the societal views of self infested pain, wrapping your mind around the part of getting off the ground, the fear of pain, the unknown sensations and many more fears.

But a lot of people like to just test themselves with suspension as either to see if they could do this, or if they are strong enough to do something else. This honestly takes a lot of strength, mentally and physically to suspend. It takes a lot out of you. But the rewards, the sense of accomplishment, the release of endorphins, the meditation state, it is all worth it. If you can actually reach that point.

To reach that point, you have to push yourself and embrace it as a new experience. I actually bought my pastors to my most recent suspension, I was crucified. They were in awe of the connection, family, and how we cared for one another. They even mentioned how they could feel this buzz in the air. It was surreal to them. I remember my first suspension, the anticipation, the anxiety, the nerves, the excitation, and the small bit of fear. I loved the needles going in. but when it came time to go up I was so nervous. I had an amazing suspension facilitator and he walked me through it. I went up and experienced something so breath taking and amazing. It was pure bliss.

Nicole Spears