Symptoms of Hemorrhoids


If you have never had symptoms of hemorrhoids, then you obviously have no idea on what to look out for. This is something that you will not want to look past however; as when they actually arrive you will wish that they had not. Hemorrhoids are very hard to ignore, and they can range from a mild case to something that lands you on the operating table. It is basically something that can rear its head at any moment, and you will not be enjoying the time you have with them. Taking the time to understand what causes hemorrhoids and how they can be detected, will be the first step in knowing how to deal with them.

The Pain

Symptoms of hemorrhoid will always include pain, and when they are at their peak you will not be able to ignore their presence. The pain can range between low and tolerable, all the way up to searing and tear inducing. Whatever your own personal pain threshold will allow, is what you will be dealing with when it comes to hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are quite obvious, and if you think that you have them starting to develop you will want to start a regime to get them healed up. There are many treatments that can be considered useful when it comes to hemorrhoids, and usually if you catch them quickly you can get by with a simple cream or ointment. If detected yet ignored, the problem could get quite worse and you may have no other alternative than to have the hemorrhoids treated professionally.


Burning is one of the symptoms of hemorrhoids that are also difficult to ignore. This is a situation that will immediately get your attention, because of the hot and undesirable feeling that you will get in this region. You can find that this will be most uncomfortable, and that regardless of the climate outside or even in the building you are in you will have no escape. This is one of the most difficult symptoms to treat during the life of the hemorrhoids, and you will be looking for any and all methods of stopping the burning. As with the pain, you can also use a cream or topical ointments that will help cool the area. This will help you get through the day, and you will not be dealing with a burning bottom for long.


One of the most annoying and often difficult to control symptoms of hemorrhoids is easily the itching that is associated with them. This is something that can drive you absolutely mad, and finding a way to stop this itching will become your main objective of the day. This can be not only annoying, but very embarrassing to those that are suffering with the hemorrhoids. This is because you will be squirming and wriggling around trying to find relief of the nagging itchy feeling. Medicated wipes and or the over the counter creams will help get rid of this annoying symptom of hemorrhoids.

Paula Robson