Taking Control of Your Emotions


Most of the things we do are for the purpose of changing our feelings and emotions. We work to earn an income not only to pay bills but, we hope, so that we can do and have the things we want. This absolutely makes us feel good about ourselves and boosts our confidence and self esteem. It seems silly that even though everything we do is meant to improve the way we feel most of us have little to no training on how to control our emotions quickly and effectively. In my case whenever I find myself feeling negative emotions I have learnt five simple steps, derived from Anthony Robbins methods, to be very effective in quickly breaking the negative emotions and allowing me to better handle them in the future.

  • · Step 1 — Identify what you're really Feeling Have ever ever found yourself so consumed with emotion that you 're not really understand what you're feeling? At times like this, take a step back and ask yourself the question "What am I really feeling right now?" You may not be able to do this the first time but do not give up, if you have a recurring issue just continue to be aware that you want to deal with it in a more positive way and you will.
  • · Step 2 — Acknowledge and Trust Your Emotions We need to acknowledge and trust that our emotions are trying to tell us something about some aspect of our life. Either to make a change to our perception or a need to take action, for example you may not like a way a certain person treats you, examine whatever you are some how at fault or you need to let the person know their behavior is unacceptable. Once you determine where the problem lies you can then work at resolving it.
  • · Step 3 — Understand the Message Your Emotion is Presenting Developing an understanding of your emotion, will assist you in taking control of it so that the same problem can be prevented in the future. What is the message behind this emotion, fear is our most common emotion but try to examine why you are fearful in a particular situation.
  • · Step 4 — Build your Self-Confidence Now you need to get the confidence to take control of the emotion. Once you understand it and have figured out why you are feeling it you are in a much better position to control it. I'd like to add this is not done by force this works much better if you just let the emotion go. If you are angry about something allow yourself to feel the anger do not try to suppress it, acknowledge it is there and then let it go. Always allow yourself to deal with your anger appropriately, release it, you are then in a much better state to resolve the issue that caused your anger.
  • · Step 5 — Take Action This is fairly obvious step, utilizing the 4 steps above the only thing left to do now is to take action and make a positive change in the way you handle your emotions.

Teresa Vidal