The Definition of Sincerity


It is an essential part of life to be sincere always. This is because it leads to a brighter future. One that is celebrated with open arms with friendships that last. It may be true that often we would not be treated with much sincerity. It may be scarce to find many truly sincere people around. But all is not lost if we should start from within ourselves. Practice sincerity and we will reap its fruits in the long run. Here is a simple list for identifying an act based on sincerity.

Not Rushed but Extended / Patient
Often we are driven by set objectives and goals. Here, to fulfill them, we may be tempted to force our way through on a rushed attempt. For example, we lose patience waiting around lengthy approvals. As a result, we end up taking shortcuts or using bribes. But what we got sooner, we risk losing it at the same time. This may be caused by improper placements based on actual justifications and or requirements preemptively necessary. An act of sincerity always has to be true. In fact, anything bearing its truth will be lasting enough to have patience to begin with. Therefore, always provide reasonable amount of time for all our future undertakings. Sincerity is an underwriting principle for achieving happiness in life.

Gentle and Kind Outlook
Sincerity brings along its gentleness and kindness. It does not boast and is not rude. Imagine a restaurant staff that is smiling and attentive to our needs against one that is hostile and cares less for the customers. Imagine a mother always on the look out for her child's needs even before those needs are being voiced out. An act of sincerity springs from the heart and would always be true, kind and most of all it would end hardships.

Right, Thoughtful and Responsible Attempts
Sincerity is deeply enclosed in the roots of noble characters. It promotes deep thoughts based on what is right and acts based on responsible measures. A right deed may not be so easily identifiable at all times, because it is necessary to use honest feelings and act based on modesty. Sometimes, contributing way beyond limits may render as appropriate doings that would break relationships. Be right, be thoughtful to others' needs or concerns in order to act responsibly; these form the essential core elements that bring along sincerity. An overdrive is not necessarily the same as being sincere.

Is Not Afraid of Wrong
Sincerity is not afraid of wrongs. Mistakes are in fact an inevitable composition of life. We would be lying to ourselves extremely if we do not admit or submit to them. The moment we submit to our mistakes, we are taking a step closer towards correction which may better lead us to a brighter future through genuine strength. We only advance by being able to realize and absorb those mistakes so that we may bear and overcome them ever. It makes up for a better yet sincere life that strengthens our relationships with others.

Open, Warm, Joyous and Forgiving
An act of sincerity does not cling onto selfish endeavors or personal gains. It is just about being open, warm, joyous and most importantly it is forgiving. It would not be angry, either would it be vengeful or preserves hatred as these would clearly destroy what accounts for a clear conscience. Being sincere therefore may help build objectivity which would in turn lead us towards achieving what we really need in life; love or whatever that may be that suits you.

Copyright (c) 2011 Karen Chai Kar Siang

Karen Chai