The IMed Stor Can Be Your Personal Dicom Archive


Radiology imaging centers, as well as cardiology, orthopedic, chiropractic and veterinary offices, all need a way to store patient digital medical images securely. One way to ensure ample storage space is to use the iMed Stor dicom archive. It offers a flexibility in use with various modalities, plus ample storage space for all your dicom-format images.

This appliance is compatible with any image-capturing modality. This would include PET / CT, CT, MRI, CR, DR, ultrasound and digital mammography, making it useful in a wide variety of medical environments. Because the archive is fully compatible with the dicom medical imaging format, it also means that it will work well with any PACS system that you might already have in place at your medical facility.

The iMed Stor comes with ample space for your dicom medical images. One to four terabytes of room in a RAID 5 configuration allow it to hold a great deal of dicom-format data in its impressive database, while at the same time providing you with easy installation. Just connect the appliance to your network and you are ready to store images. You do not have to be an IT expert to get this system up and running, and its speedy setup means no downtime during an intensive installation and configuration.

The unit also comes with an optional web-based viewer. Dicom viewing online allows your authorized medical staff, through an online system administration and operations setup, to access the dicom medical images from everywhere, adding an additional layer of convenience to your own imaging system. A secure socket layer connection helps your data stay safe and secure, and support is available for this feature as well. If multiple physicians work at your medical office, the database can have the archive partitioned for additional ease of use.

In addition to its easy installation and convenient online capabilities, the appliance's footprint is quite small. It offers a tower configuration, saving valuable office space.

There are several options available with this storage unit. You can choose, in addition to the web viewer, to add on automated and manual dicom routing, HL7 support for when a RIS, HIS or EMR system is integrated with the unit, a modality workbook as well as patient registration, and even a tape drive to back up your digital data.

Medical offices find that the appliance saves them money. You will save in administrative overhead costs for hard copy management and archiving to CD or DVD. Furthermore, the unit helps you make sure that you stay within HIPPA guidelines for the security of patient records.

Jonathan Blocker