The Law of Action


There is a universal law called the Law of Action. This law states that in order for you to receive what you want in life, you must actually go out into the world and act upon your desires and do what it is you need to do.

It is simply not enough to learn and talk about your desires, although they are a part of receiving what you want. The important part of a success formula is that you must take physical action.

We all have dreams, but dreams without the action component will never come to fruition. There is only so much time that we can spend learning, before we need to take action to incorporate the knowledge we attained into our life. The Law of Action moves into form when we take our first step and continuously move in that direction of our dreams.

Now taking action, in and of itself, is one part of the success formula. There is something else called persistence. The completion of your goal or promise must be integrated with the persistent follow through or action steps we need to take all the obstacles that come our way on the journey towards our goals.

Through my journey in my life I found myself facing a problem that I did not recognize the potential negative effects it would have in the future if I did not take care of it immediately. Unfortunately, due to the lack of taking immediate and constructive action steps, this problem persisted and compounded over the years and eventually became a crisis situation. It was only at this point that I was forced to invoke this law of action into my life. When I look back on my life I know that it was fear and the habit of laziness that caused me to procrastinate and face my problem head on.

However, as I study the successful habits of people and continue on this journey, I realized that by taking consistent action before problems lead to the crisis mode, your life will be much easier.

Now taking action requires a certain amount of discipline, which could mean a change in your behavior. However if you learn to let go of your fear which stops you from taking action and allow persistence to lead you to the place you want to be, you'll realize that taking action is a habit you can not help to develop.

So, develop this law of action and you'll figure out that by taking action and never giving up is a sure fire plan that will lead to success.

Keith Aul