The Master Cleanse Review — The Pros and Cons of This Diet


Ever since the introduction of the master cleanse diet fifty years ago, it has been able to change countless lives by offering people a fast track option to weight loss. It is able to drastically change so many lives that even celebrities such as Beyonce Knowles and Oprah Winfrey have tried it and swore to its efficacy. If you are tired of the usual weight loss routine that can't give you the results you want when you want them, then you might want to try the 10 day cleanse program yourself. By undergoing a 10 day fast which mainly consists of lemon water, maple syrup and cayenne powder, you will be able to flush your digestive system clean of all the toxic elements that you have accumulated through the years.

And because the recipe for master cleanse is very simple, there's no need for you to go to any specialty shop or health store just to scour for special ingredients. Most of the ingredients you will ever need for the next ten days are the following:

— Filtered water
— Organic lemons
— Organic maple syrup
— Cayenne powder
— Unrefined sea salt

Not many of us realize this, but the digestive system is probably the most neglected system in most people's bodies. Diets have dramatically evolved through the years and whether we like to admit it or not, today's population has been taking in more junk food than before, causing numerous health problems along the way. This is probably why it's recommended that everyone does the master cleanse diet at least once each year, as it is a great way to give the digestive system an overall cleaning.

As a result of the digestive system being cleansed, the body undergoes a transformation that causes rapid weight loss. People who have tried this have reported losing 1-3 pounds each day. Many people also claim that because of a healthier digestive system, they are more energetic and able to live much more fulfilling lives. It also helps get rid of any chronic digestive problems that a person may have been troubled with for many years.

Although the 10 day fast may have its many benefits, its effectiveness varies greatly from person to person. It's important that before anyone incorporates the master cleanse into their own lifestyle, a doctor's consultation should be in order. The rapid weight loss effect can unfortunately result into loss of muscle tissues. This can be somewhat prevented by simply doing some weight lifting to keep the muscle definition intact.

The ingredients list of the recipe for master cleanse is quite limited so this may not be palatable for people who can't bear to sacrifice on their food intake. It would take a strong sense of discipline and a strong stomach to get through the 10 day cleanse scathe free. Any person who has already gone through this diet can tell you that this is not an endeavor for the weak. Expect to deal with cravings and a few extra bathroom breaks. If you want to be successful with this diet, you need to prepare your mind and your body for the challenge ahead.

Now that you have a brief idea of ​​how the master cleanse works, it's really up to you to decide on whether this is a diet that will be good for you. Just always remember that before you take on the challenge of any diet plan, you need to make sure that you're getting into it for the right reasons. And that is to make you healthier both in the physical and mental aspects.

Sandra Wellman