The Mental Health Benefits of Writing


Writing can be a very hard thing to do, but it's exceptionally awarding on many fronts. Some write for themselves, like in a diary or journal, and some write for others. Authors and journalists entertain and inform, and it's quite possible to change the lives of many people through this wonderful medium. Being able to write is an incredibly versatile tool, and holds many benefits for your mental health.

It Alleviates Stress
There will be many days where you just wish you could forget all your troubles and wish them away. Instead, write them down. Face them head on. Once you write them out, it's possible you can see them for what they are. Then you can deal with them. It can relate the pressures of everything that tries to bring you down. Just like weight lifters power through their frustrations, you can write away what's got you down.

It's a Tool to Unclog Your Mind
Imagine your mind as a tangled mess of rope. Your mind is blocked solid. Sit down and write without really thinking about it and hopefully by the end, that tangled mess will sort itself out. It really can be therapeutic and relieving.

It Improves Your Linguistic Skills
No matter what language you read or write, the act of writing will improve your ability to do so tenfold. If you can write well, it means that you understand the language, and you can work to improve this understanding. You may not notice it, but your vocabulary will rapidly expand.

Make Important Connections
There are many writers in the world, and many chances for you to make important friends, or connections, that can assist you along the way. Friends can make one's life much more enjoyable, and them more of them you have, the bigger support system you have. This makes the world of writing seem less daunting and more manageable. And it makes the next benefit in this article easier to achieve.

It Improves Your Self-Esteem
Have you ever tried to write something, but lost interest or got writer's block? That's rather common, but those who push through and complete a piece get rewarded with the amazing feeling of accomplishment. Anybody can start a piece of writing, but not everyone can finish it. It feels good to know that. Writing is a sign of intelligence, artistry, and perseverance.

Be proud of yourself and your talents.

Chelsea Lemire