The Power of Neuro Visual & Linguistic Syntax Encoding


Artificial hype, wishful thinking, thinking positive, or even the two days at the success seminar alone, will not produce the power to change your internal programmed belief systems, nor will it help you overcome psychological barriers to success. The limitation you are experiencing, the programmed syntax, previously the string of words you accumulated since the age of 6, and the semantics embedded in those syntax, are deeply buried into the nervous system, and as such, they act as a programmed computer, which may run effectively or ineffectively, depending on the programmer. So, if you were exposed to wrong programming, or limited knowledge about the possibility that you can be, do and have anything you desire, you will know whether you are an overachiever or an under achiever.

The high achiever realizes a dream goal as a deja-vu experience. once he or she realizes the specific goals, as if it had already been accomplished before, he or she pre-live the achievement in excellent rich sensory details (using the five senses + the emotions). The secret of the high achiever model is in their disciplined mental application. This is the habit or Will, the iron Will to go after your vision with high intensity, to sustain a period of long hard work, without receiving any immediate results. Your faith makes it happen.

Your beliefs are a program which runs through the vein of your nervous system. Your sub-conscious mind, has all the knowledge. Everything you have ever read, heard, thought or imagined is held within its immunity store house of memory. Brain researchers estimate that your subconscious mind compensates the conscious on a magnitude of ten million to one. This is the source of your hidden, natural genius which remains inactive in most people's lives, and how sad to die without having activated your genius, without having really lived a blessed life.

The good news is in one's ability to embrace knowledge of the neuropsychology of achievement, and commit to the disciplined of mental application of Neuro Visual and Linguistic Syntax commands, for subconscious programming. Once you reprogram your subconscious with the high achiever model, characteristics, and behavior, you begin to attract competent people to work with, and unexpected traffic of high achievers who will support you in the fulfillment and achievement of your dream goals. Remember, intellectualizing a concept or a business idea, without the discipline mental application, and neuro synthesis encoding, namely, a particular language use that informs, educates, and empowers, your wishes or prayers will not be answered.

Albert Einstein once said, "The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. " "I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge." Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. "

Only thinking in your heart, heart felt rich visual sensory, and inspired syntax content can only be activated in three-dimensional neuro visualization is the key to your power. To break old patterns of self defeating habit, you must engage in mental and emotional training with the use of NVLS.E. Neuro Visual and Linguistic Syntax Encoding, will certainly help you enter the three dimensional holographic experience of your future memory of success.

With NVLS.E training, you make full contact with your personal and professional aspirations, seeing them, hearing them, touching them, tasting and smelling them, sensing the strong emotions that accompany their ultimate fulfillment, you will burn them permanently into your brain and nervous system, creating an internal force of infernal emotions that will inevitably be created in your external world like magic.

97% of the human race live under compliance level or limitation because either they have not realized the truth, the truth to set them free, or are too lazy to tap into their full power potential, and therefore, they remain part of the lowly world , affecting their children, friends, family and community leading to mental health problems, and degenerative diseases.

All small and grand creation from personal, professional, spiritual, physical and financial goals, are created first, in three dimensional neuronal visualization programming to activate molecules of emotions, and this is one of the trigger to high achiever model.

The Neuro visualization of Achievement, the energized system that allow man invoke thoughts into action, and vision into concrete reality.

The neuro visualization of achievement is a high powered optical processor within the brain, quickly retrieve from its dept of memory of billions of information, filters and organizes them into relevant sets of action to materialize in the external world. Thanks to modern science, now, we know that neuro visualization of achievement, the power of imagination is the primary brain tool responsible for all creation, responsible for success or failure.

The achievement of optimum health, supreme happiness, and financial wealth, do not depend on anyone other than us, it depends on our ability to use our imagination most productively and actively in order to achieve a productive orientation.

People with active instinct have known this during the beginning of time, have used the power of neuro visualization as used in the scientific way, to achieve their dream goals. Others who prayed and lamented over loss, failure, ill health, using a language of the 'poor me syndrome' also associated similar events, energies and people. The ones that had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve, focused their imagination so intensely on the things that they wanted to obtain, took affective action, and realized their dream goal.

The basic laws that governs modern physics that is the very cause of our advanced technology were first neuro-visualized in the mind of an uneducated 16 years old boy called Albert Einstein, who imagined himself so vividly, frequently and intensely, riding on a beam of light , as he traveled through space at 168.000.00 miles per second. Later, he dressed his rich sensory impressions during neuro visualization riding through space in mathematical term, formulating the theory of relativity.

Not only the power of neuro visualizations exerts influence over man's creative self, but also has tremendous healing power over our biological body. Our inner biology reacts to every microsecond of neuro visualization, and it is the cause of good and ill health.

I remember, having this excruciating pain around my hips, almost like infernal fire, other times, I had experienced lumbago, extremely painful or flu like symptoms, however, I played one of my audio cds starting with brain oxygenation development, then, I listen to my favorite piece of Hollywood music and sound effects systems while visualizing myself feeling and looking extremely well. I could hear the vibration of change taking place within my nervous system, though, the pain will not disappear immediately, but after 24 hours of intense mental and emotional training, using my audio program, then I go into my inner world to create that which I desire to achieve, and Praise God, as I saw with my mind's eye who do I want to become, what do I want to do, and what do I want to have. As I spoke, thought, and felt, so I became. I healed within 24 hours.

Neuro Visual & Syntax Encoding when used intensely, vividly and frequently, literally affect any changes you desire to make, and protect yourself from danger.

Remember, Neuro Visual & Syntax Encoding sits at the forefront of modern science, and it has the power over our lives, affecting our attitude, how people react to us, and the opportunities accessible for us to achieve our dream goals.

Numerous neuropsychological experiments have been conducted over the last decade, clearly illustrate that visual images of high resolution embedded with rich sensory details of sound, smell, taste and touch, and turbo charged with emotions of excitation and gratitude, can produce measurable energy that had huge affect on the physical world like magic. Research also demonstrated that visual imagery with low resolution, vague, lacking in details and emotions, they contain no power to affect matter, and the subject of this weak inner production, suffered various mental health problems, were pre-disease, and lived a life of desperation, simply because they do not know how to activate the conative power of the mind.

Grab a pen and notepad

Sit quietly

Breathe in and out

Let your thoughts move around

Suspend judgment

and imagine what is it that you really desire to be, do and have

Once you are very clear about what is it that you really desire

Write it down, review it every other day, delete, modify or add content of your desires

Identify what is holding you back to achieve it, and reverse the syntax (language you use) of limitation into possibility

Repeat the process as often as you can

Begin to take action, gain momentum, and yes, you can achieve it.

To ensure that you will never give up, hire a coach, or buy portable self-help coaching program

To Your Success!

Andre Zizi