The Ultimate Use of Erotic Hypnosis — How to Create a Mind Doll


This article explores how hypnosis is used to create a «mind doll» or «mind toy». A mind doll is a full sensory, tangible, hallucination of a beautiful man or woman that you can taste, touch, feel and hear. All made possible working from a construct originally introduced to us by Richard Bandler. A fully formed mental construct is inserted into the subconscious mind, allowing the person to experience a living, breathing, talking sexual partner that is more real than «real life itself.» What you are left with is something that is amazing beyond comprehension. You are left with a «Mind doll,» a solid, full sensory tangible hallucination in the form of your favorite sexual partner, a hallucination you can interact with and make yours.

To understand how this process works, you first need to understand that everything we see is through our brain. In fact, every single thing that you experience takes place through your brain. You may believe that you are feeling something with your hand, and you may «believe» that you are hearing something with your ears and tasting with your tongue. The truth of the matter is far different then you imagine. Your sensory organs are sending information in the form of electrical impulses to your brain. Your brain then takes these electrical impulses and translates them into sensory experiences. This results in what you «see, taste, touch, feel, and hear» when you experience the world around you.

Using the power of Hypnosis, one is able to literally tell the brain what new sensory sensations to construct. This is how a «mind doll» is possible. Once you understand the science behind it, it is no longer a thing of magic, but a scientific fact. This is why when people experience their «mind toys» or «mind dolls»; they say their creations look just as real and just as life like as a real person! Well, it looks real because its being constructed by your mind, and everything in «real life» that you see is also constructed by your mind.

People tend to think that things created by our minds are ghost like or hard to see and visualize. However, look at your keyboard, and the words on this screen. See how amazingly clear they are? Feel how the keyboard feels remarkably real on your fingers? Well would you believe your mind is creating these experiences right now? When you look at it that way, its easy to see ones mind is fully capable of creating a full interactive life like man or woman that looks completely real, but only you can see. Now you are beginning to understand the power of the mind doll, and the power of the subconscious mind.

Now imagine having your mind create an incredibly sexy man or women, who looks just as clear and solid as your keyboard. The skin of this sexy person would feel smooth and real. You would be able to feel the breath of this person as they gently spoke into your ear. Your mind would create the soothing sound of their voice just as clearly as your favorite song. This person would looks so real, you wouldn’t be able tell if she was a «real» person or not.

The secret of making this work is by implanting the construct into the persons mind when they are in deep somnambulism. In somnambulism, your brain waves are in deep theta, allowing for full access the brains abilities to generate 3D sensory projections. Remember when you experiment on creating your own mind doll, you must first get the person in deep, deep somnambulism, otherwise the process will be ineffective. In the next article we will be reviewing step-by-step out to create your own mind doll! For more information on mind dolls or mind toys check out

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