Twin Flames — A Subset of All Souls


There is a specific energy that flows between Twin Flames. It’s extraordinary and rare. The frequency that travels between them is distinguishable by vibration, clarity and intensity. Twin Flame relationships are more unique than you may suspect.

Many support the theory that everyone has a Twin Flame. In actuality, Twin Flames are a small and distinct subset of all souls. Twins do not share a soul, but rather their divine resonance is the same. Imagine identical human twins. Genetically identical, but they have individual life experiences, right? Translate that to souls. Not all souls are created as Twins. Just as human Twins are the same but different; it is this way with Twin Souls.

Many people are in pain thinking they have met their Twin Flame — they are having a difficult time coming to terms with the relationship or lack of relationship. In reality, they have met a soul-mate or in some cases are trying to wrap the label of «soul-mate» around a relationship that may be nothing more than a dysfunctional human relationship.

Nobody wants to be unhappy. Nobody wants to be miserable…but some people don’t know how to break that cycle and instead choose unhealthy relationships and try to ‘explain them away’ with a spiritual label. They give credibility to their unhappy state by convincing themselves they are having a «spiritual» or a «twin flame» connection and therefore have no way out & are doomed to be miserable. These are fairly easy to identify because they commonly blame the other party and like to talk about the mean & hateful things they say or text to their «connection». If you recognize yourself in that last sentence, I can guarantee you 100% you are not in a Twin-Flame relationship.

There are others who are having an undeniable soul-mate experience with a high-level soul family member. In these cases many of the things they experience parallel a Twin Soul connection.

There is no right or wrong here. There is no better and no worse. There is no more or less important, but there are differences. There would be much less hurt experienced if people were more educated about exactly what a Twin-Flame relationship is, and is not. Those who fight and fight and question if they are having a Twin Soul experience might be relieved to know they are probably not.

Twins and non-Twins incarnate for a unique and vital purpose. Nobody is forced to have a human experience. We all come here to learn. Some come to teach. Many of us do both.

The broad difference is that Non-Twins aren’t energetically linked to another specific soul, whereas Twin-Souls have an identical energy source or soul. To be clear, they do not share a soul, they are not two incomplete halves. They were created and birthed as Twins who respectively carry the same resonant energy source (soul).

The path of Twin Souls is a difficult one, but that could be said for all souls.

Each and every soul whether they have a Twin or not has a primary contractual agreement with the universe/god/source. That contract is about fulfilling, to the best of our ability, our own souls’ ultimate possible growth in a particular lifetime and ultimately what we plan to achieve by the time of our final incarnation. We have secondary contracts with each other (soul family). We have other agreements in which we promise to learn (or teach) specific things to (or from) specific other souls. These are the elements of destiny — we *will* meet each other, but it’s up to the individuals to achieve, delay or avoid the contractual duties.

We would not be Twins incarnated together if it wasn’t divinely significant. I do not believe there is such a thing as «uniting your inner Twin Flame». It’s more accurate to say that each Twin independent of each other must discover and master (or nearly master) specific skills that Twins were sent here to learn first and teach second. I referred to a subset of souls earlier. Just like some teachers teach math, some science and others art… not all souls come to teach the same things. Of course there is overlap and we’re all here to learn about kindness, love, compassion, empathy, etc. We can learn that and teach that to many.

Twin-Souls have contracted to have a particular soul curriculum that teaches them exactly what they need to know to (1) reunite with their Twin and (2) to elevate and educate any souls willing to listen to the message that only Twin Flames carry.

You can’t teach something that you don’t know. Twins must first LEARN. We learn by remembering and experiencing. When we think we’re pretty smart we are forced to learn more. Our Twins make us. We do this for them also. When Twins are prepared sufficiently, they join together in a way that is agreeable to both. Their individual energies, talents, knowledge and abilities morph.

This is the time when the individual souls merge/join/infuse each other and their energies begin to exceed the sum of their individual parts. One plus one equals a million.

If you’re not a Twin Flame you can breathe a sigh of relief. You should trust that the contract between your soul and the universe/god is not dependent upon the soul of another.

If you are certain- truly certain- that you are a Twin… it is your duty, your obligation, your mission, your divine responsibility… to heal any remaining wounds you carry and to learn and to educate yourself as much as possible. When you’ve learned enough about soul communication and energetic healing, you can begin working with your Twin on the non-physical level. Any contact on the human level should be soul-based (as opposed to human/ego)… and you easily forgive yourself when you slip up.

Twins would not have been selected for this difficult work if they and the universe/god weren’t certain they could fulfill their agreement.

Moe Wood

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