Understanding God Through Dream Translation


By translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation you will understand the dream logic. Since God is the dream producer as I prove with my work, you will be able to understand God's thoughts.

God is wise and saintly, and He always is very sad because of the existence of craziness and terror. When you think like God you care about the elimination of evilness on earth. You understand that nothing is more important than the elimination of absurdity and violence.

This means that you stop thinking like a selfish human being. You stop following the erroneous mindset of the hypocritical world.

You stop being proud of yourself and you become a humble person. Therefore, you accept humiliations without showing revolt because you disagree with the absurdity of the world.

I had to accept facing numerals humiliations when I started obeying the Divine guidance because I had to learn how to stop being a dictator. However, God showed me the truth about the human nature because I had to be a pioneer. I had to disagree with the false world and defend the divine wisdom.

God makes many combinations. I deserved to face many humiliations because I was cruel and I used to humiliate others, but I would have to be humiliated in a way or another in order to defend the justice of God in the atheistic and materialistic world.

Accepting humiliations is scaring. However, I will show you their meaning by giving you more explanations about my story, which will help you have a different image of the meaning of this attitude.

Since I discovered that we inherit an absurd and evil anti-conscience that generates mental illnesses within our conscience, I had to show to the world the truth I had discovered. Nobody would like to learn that they have a satanic wild conscience influencing their mind and behavior. This was too bad for their selfish ego.

So, I had to accept being offended. I knew that I would be attacked.

Many people really attacked me as I had predicted when I told them that I had discovered that human beings are in fact demons with a human face.

Of course, they would not accept recognizing the bitter truth. Our world proves that this discovery is real more than anything else, but we are so absurd that we do not want to understand that our world is ruled by terror and violence because we are crazy.

We believe that we are 'somehow' reasonable, besides our absurdity in many aspects. This is a big illusion.

We are mentally ill from birth. We simply become more mentally ill with time.

Our anti-conscience and the cruel world work against our human conscience. We have too many enemies, and the worst one is in our own brain.

The world believes that we have to be selfish and care only about having material pleasures. The world is immoral and violent. I could not transmit the new knowledge I found by translating God's words in dreams without going against the world.

My example shows you that what seems to be an unbearable humiliation for you (because you follow the mindset of the hypocritical world) has another meaning when you think like God.

Christina Sponias