Warning — Do Not Measure Your Self-Esteem Based on Your Appearance


It is your right to be happy. It is your choice to control your self-esteem.

Self-esteem has nothing to do with your appearance. The size of your body, the color of your skin, and the type of your hair is not what makes you a genuine person. It is not about how you are physically put together.

The moment you are born, your environment starts giving you the stimulus that shapes how you see the world. As you have grown up, you met different people who world could have been shaped completely differently to yours.

As your world is different others may devalue you on just appearance alone. This why learning at an early agent that it is what you think that is important, not what you think other people are thinking about you.

As soon as you see someone, you will assume an opinion of them based on your experience of the world. They may remind you of someone you love or hate. In order for a relationship to occur this initial attraction must turn into something more. A mutual respect on which each of you actually are, not just in appearance. The more you know who you are on the inside, with a strong self-esteem, the more respect you will earn from the people you meet in your lifetime.

Modern society has tapped into the commercial side of low self-esteem. They know people look for quick fix solutions and that there is a market to see appearance related solutions. Whilst these solutions may cause a brief boost in confidence, if the inner game issues remain unresolved it is only a matter of time before they return their ugly head again. Buying a quick fix solution is just making the problem bigger.

You need to protect and nurture your self-esteem. It can be mentally taxing, it can be emotional but the income is so pleasant it is a journey worth going on.

Felix Nutter