What Is Love? — A More Useful Definition


The common understanding of love is that it is an emotion. But emotion is a physical response. My point is that love may trigger emotions of affection & such but it is not an emotion in itself. It comes from somewhere deeper. It flows from within your soul. It is something you need to become aware of within yourself in order to connect with it. Only then will you see love permeating all your thoughts, emotions & actions. People who grow up with loving parents, siblings & spouse are able to connect to the love within much more easily. It becomes an almost subconscious process. Once you connect with the love within you & let it guide your thoughts, it is easier for you to be compassionate when you could be hateful. It is easier for you to be kind when you could be angry. That is the real power of love.

Children are naturally born with this ability to connect to the love that flows within them. You can see it in their eyes. But unfortunately, many children are taught to forget this & instead are taught to hate, be selfish & hurtful. Who teaches them these things? Well, often it is the parents who do this by setting the wrong examples in front of the children. Arguing & fighting with the minority naturally teachers the children to do the same when they grow up. When parents' make derogatory statements about other people based on their language, culture or skin color, it teaches kids to become racists when they grow up. It is a sad fact in the world today which is leading to more violence & wars in the world today both in the home and between nations. See a connection there?

This brings me to my second point. Have you heard the term 'looking for love' or 'searching for love'? Many people expect to find love out there somewhere in the world. They go through life looking to find someone who will give them all the love that they need. Which of kind of explains why so many people get divorced these days. "I was looking for love. I thought I found the woman of my dreams." We changed. "We changed." We changed spouses like we change our shirts. All in the name of finding love.

Well, why would you need to look or search for love when it's right there within you? That's right. It's always been in there. It's just that you have been trained from childhood to ignore that & look for external triggers of love & affection. Expecting other people to shower love & affection starts a dangerous trend in a relationship which often results in heartbreak & separation. Love instead of expecting love from others. Get in touch with the love that flows inside of you & be a loving person. Be a loving father, mother, husband or wife. It is the power with which you can overcome all obstacles in stormy relationship or marriage. It takes a strong person to be loving. Bet you did not realize that did not you? It felt like the easiest thing to do when you're all lovey-dovey with your lover. But when arguments arise, it's not easy to stay lovey-dovey is it? Passionate hugs & kisses which are the emotional expressions of love give way to sulks & angry remarks. But that is exactly when you need to dive into yourself & start feeling the love that is always flowing from within you.

So, my definition of love would be:

Love is a strong & subtle spiritual force that flows from within a person. By connecting with the love from within & letting it guide out thoughts, emotions & actions, we become better people. It then becomes possible for one to say "I love you" & actually mean it.

So that's my take on the definition love. I wonder if Google will use my definition? … 🙂

Ray A King