What You Need to Do Before and at a Speed ​​Dating Event to Land a First Date


Once you have arrived before the event get started, look around you and take notice of the sitting arrangement and the people who are at the event. Once the event starts, do the following:

1) Always wear a smile while speaking. Even if you do not find the person attractive, still make effort to communicate with the person. It can be from knowing this person that she knows someone else who you might find more compatible.

2) Never loose your temper even if the conversation did not go as smooth as you would like. Always be gentlemanly and give way. Some of the female participants signed up with friends to attend together, if you aggravate one, all her friends will know as well.

3) During the conversation, do not brag about yourself and your achievements, its a big turn off. Be humble and find out about the person's hobbies, line of work and interest. Listen more, maintain eye contact and leave out private questions. Be casual and humorous, women like guys who are humorous and dynamic.

4) Make a mental note of how you felt conversing with each person, were you comfortable? Any immediate connection? This will help you to choose the right person for your date after the event. Depending on the organizer, you can choose one or more person, giving you a higher chance of a match when the other person chose you. For those events that you can only choose one person, you have to pray that this same person you chose would have chosen you too. I got to stress that it is very important how you prepare for the event and you need to have a game plan.

These are some ideas which you need to include in your game plan:

1) Dress in smart casual and be well groomed. A small amount of cologne can improve your chances dramatically of someone picking you to have their date at the end of the event.

2) Think of what you want to say to the person sitting opposite you. When you move on to the next person, vary your introduction and conversations so that you do not sound like a robot saying the same thing. Its going to be boring. People sitting nearby can hear your conversations.

3) Know where the location is and arrive before the event starts. You do not want to miss talking to even one person as that person could be your date. Arriving late will give a bad impression to everyone and nobody is going to pick you as their date.

4) Remember, this is an event for you to get to know more people and become friends. It is not a match making session or an arranged marriage, so do not get too serious.

Go there and make an impression!

After the event, the organizer will email you the results for you to see if anyone has chosen you for a first date. If someone has chosen you, thank God, you have created a connection. If nobody chose you, you need to evaluate and fine tune your strategies and techniques.

Just a few more other tips why you are not chosen:

1) You came across as a desperado.

2) You talked about ridiculous things.

3) You could not make it for the event.

4) Your were too stiff and appeared nerdy.

5) You did not prepare adequately.

6) You did not smile and appeared too serious.

6) You need more practice!

Giving your best first impression is key to your success, this is a fact.

Raymond Heng


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