Where Do We Go After Death?


Our constant meditation during this lifetime influences our thoughts at the moment of death. In present life we ​​therefore create our next life.

We carry our different conceptions of life from one body to another as the air carries aromas. So we take one kind of body and again quit it to take another

According to the mentality that one develops during present life one receives an appropriate body after it quits present body. We have a choice: we can either change our body to a higher grade or we can move to a lower grade body. The change the body undergoes depends on us. At the time of death, the consciousness we have created will carry us to the next type of body.

The mind is the cause of our attaining a certain type of body in accordance with our association with material nature. According to one's mental composition, one can understand what the living entity was in his past life as well as what kind of body he will have in the future. Thus the mind indicates the past and future bodies. So, someone who has spiritual knowledge can understand about other people's past lives just by understanding their mental attitudes.

There is an example of a caterpillar, who's body is transformed into another body even in the same life. The caterpillar is thinking of becoming a butterfly. It meditates like that all the time while in the cocoon. And in the meantime his body changes into a body of a butterfly.

Yet another example is of a dying man, intensely meditating on his beloved wife. By absorbing his consciousness in the female body of his wife he achieves the same form — he becomes a woman in his next life.

When facilitating past life exploration for my clients I witness again and again that the same people that surround one in this life were with him or her in the past as well, but in different relationships and in different bodies. Many times a man and a women, who were in love in past life switch their bodies and the woman becomes the man and vice versa.

Thus one achieves a state of existence according to one's constant concentration.

There are three kinds of destinations for the soul after death:

* higher regions — heavenly planets
* lower regions — hellish planets
* earthly regions

Very pious people who are in the mode of goodness and have fixed their minds on godly qualities are able to take birth in heavenly regions and enjoy heavenly delights. Those who are sinful and commit many forbidden activities end up in helllish regions. They have to accept a body in lower species of life. Some people are again reborn on earth as human beings to enjoy happiness and distress according to their past activities. All these destinations are temporary. Going to heavenly planets is like going for a vacation to Hawaii. We can go there if we have sufficient amount of money in our bank balance (sufficient good karma). But after our money (good karma) runs out, we have to go back home. In the same way one falls back again from the heavenly planets to the planet earth.

Going to hellish planets is also temporary. One only needs to stay there as long as his bad karma lasts. Once it is extinguished, one comes gradually back to the human form of life to this earth planet.

Human life on planet earth is therefore of extreme importance. Only as a human being we create our good or bad karma and therefore prepare for our future suffering or enjoyment.

There is also one more importance of a human life — in this form we can also prepare ourselves to attain the fourth destination — beyond this material world. This is the destination in the spiritual world, in the kingdom of God.

That supreme abode is not illuminated by the sun or moon, nor by fire or electricity. Those who reach it never return to this material world

This abode is self-illuminated, shining, and it is never destroyed. The living beings there live eternal, blissful life in association with the Supreme Lord, in exchange of love with Him. This is our real home, where we belong.

It is extremely important that in the human form of life we ​​get to know about these things and make at least beginning steps on the path back to our eternal home. Even a slight progress on this path can save us from intense suffering.

Petra Gustin